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Title: Famicom version to NES?
Post by: foldor on November 15, 2018, 08:47 PM
Hey, I'm considering buying a Famicom version of the Everdrive, and getting an adapter to use it on my NES. The reason I would want to do this is to allow me to later on purchase a Famicom and remove the adapter. My question is, would it work? Would the expansion audio work if I made the resistor mod on my NES? What adapter should I use?
Title: Re: Famicom version to NES?
Post by: SkinnyV on November 16, 2018, 06:14 AM
It work. There's no reason for it not to. I bought the famicom version and use it in a NES eversince. As for the extra audio, it will work provided your NES has the resistor mod and that the Famicom to NES adapter you will be using has the audio line connected. If it does not, the audio trace is probably disconnected in your adapter (as it is often the case in some old adapter used in multicart), you can just solder a wire to reconnect the trace.
Title: Re: Famicom version to NES?
Post by: michel_iwaniec on January 09, 2019, 12:36 AM
It works, and the store even sells a nice converter for putting it into a NES shell. But one thing to keep in mind is that if you want to use the USB port, it's soldered in a place which won't allow you to insert the cart in a front-loader without a game genie (or similar adapter) stuck in-between.

Wish I would have thought of that, but the game genie solution isn't too horrible... :P