Author Topic: Problem with Super Famicom and SNES conversion to run Super Everdrive X5  (Read 675 times)

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Guys, I have two problems here!

The first one is my Super Famicom (Japanese), it is converted to NTSC, it runs his original Super Mario, however, when placing the Super Everdrive X5, the same does not show the sign of life.

The second problem is that I got a SNES that, for some reason, was made in Japan and has exactly the same model of license plate as my Super Famicom. This SNES is PAL-M and runs both the original Japanese super mario cartridge and the Super Everdrive X5. So far so good, but when converting the SNES from Pal-m to NTSC, Super Mario doesn't work (has a black screen) and Super Everdrive opens the menu, but no ROM works (they also have a black screen).

So, can anyone help me with both problems? Both consoles have the same card (SHVC-CPU-01).

NOTE: in the 90s, here in Brazil, the system was PAL-m, and all SNES and Super Famicom NTSC from outside were converted to Pal-m, where they exchanged the oscillating crystal with the frequency of the NTSC standard for another with the frequency of the PAL-M standard, lifted a pin from the encoding chip, added some capacitors and resistors soldered anyway.

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What do you mean by the Super Famicom is converted to NTSC? Super Famicom is NTSC from the start, only the cartridge port is different.
And what do you mean by converting the other one from PAL-M to NTSC? Did you undo the Brazilian mod to make it NTSC again?