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Has anyone with a Mega EverDrive X5, X7, or Pro Flash Cart ever get the Megakey function to work properly? It simply seems broken & does not work on my Mega EverDrive X5 Flash Cart. I sure hope I haven't gotten a second faulty Mega EverDrive X5 Flash Cart because it has been nothing but problems just like the first one I had to return.

Does anyone know of any people that has made any Unofficial OS updates for the Mega EverDrive X3, X5, X7 Flash Carts? Who doesn't want more features than what Krikzz will provide us for certain models? Any download links?

Mega EverDrive / When is FX Unit Yuki going to get an OS patch?
« on: December 29, 2020, 07:09 AM »
I been wanting to play FX Unit Yuki on my Mega EverDrive X5 Flash Cart that I just got a replacement of being the first one I purchased was faulty. The game gives me an error code saying the game is not supported. Are we going to get an OS update anytime soon to fix the problem Krikzz? The maximum ROM file size is 7Megabyte listed clearly on Krikzz website for the X5 version so the ROM file is small a nuff to work properly being FX Unit Yuki is only a 6Megabyte ROM file size.

Master EverDrive / Mega EverDrive X5 ROM file size does not make sense
« on: December 21, 2020, 05:27 AM »
I looked at the specs listed on Krikzz website about the maximum ROM file size that can be used. It doesn't makes any sense to me. Krikzz states that the maximum ROM file size for the X5 is 56Bit (7megabyte) & but I can load no bigger than a 4megabyte ROM for some reason. Why can't I run 7megabyte ROM file sizes like Krikzz says you clearly can right on his own website? Is my replacement X5 flash cart faulty too? I listed a screenshot of the info from his website for reference.

I recently found out that the Mega EverDrive X5 & X3 Flash Cart has built in audio playback in GYM & TFC formats. How is this used on the X5 & X3 because I can not find any info on how to use this feature to play music without launching the game to listen to the in game music. How is this done exactly because I would like to be able to use this feature.

Mega EverDrive / Why no compressed ROM files?
« on: December 20, 2020, 06:53 AM »
I was wondering why ROM files can not be compressed or be able to use a folder that is compressed on any Mega EverDrive Flash Carts? Emulators can do it, so is it a software or hardware issue causing not being able to do so on a flash cart? I always thought this was a bit strange & never gotten a straight answer why.

I recently purchased a Mega EverDrive x5 Flash Cart & I updated the OS to the newest version. But I can not find a way to update the firmware to the most current version. Can the firmware updated on the Mega EverDrive x5 Flash Cart?

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