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Mega EverDrive / Mega Everdrive Pro and save file conversion.
« on: August 19, 2020, 10:26 PM »
Not having any luck with Genesis saves, even tried the old 8-16 and 16-8. Tried savesplitter as well with Sega CD, while internal ram saves are working with conversion, cart ram games are not. Tried toggling ram cart on and off prior and loading different game saves without success.

Mega EverDrive / Issues with transferring saves.
« on: August 19, 2017, 11:54 AM »
Now that the Mega Everdrive v2 and X7 can play FM music; I decided to attempt to transfer my Ys Vanished Omen save from the Master Ever drive to the Mega Ever drive. Whatever I tried the Mega Ever Drive doesn't work with the saves. I first simply renamed it from *.srm to ssm, then used the 16to8 and 8to16, to convert it that way and nothing. Also, kept the default name and ran it through 16to8 and 8to16 again. I would just start over, but I maxed out my levels and am nearing the end of the game and would rather not start over.

2.09 Works fine, but not 2.10. Played around with the options a bit, but no dice. Really want to play the DD version of F-zero X.

I finished Phantasy Star 1 on my Everdrive MD, tried copying the save to the save folder on the Mega ED and no luck. Noticed it saved with a different extension like with Genesis games, except i was easily able to rename those and use those saves on the Mega ED.

I also used the 16to8.exe and 8to16.exe and still wont use it. Also, with the Mega ED it's default size for save files is 16kb versus 64kb which is why i tried the save convertor.

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