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Hi ,
My question may be strange but....
with,  the actual version  of the PCB is  Mk. III Rev.B.

Is it the same on store ? I know that krikzz is the maker of this  flashcard, so my guess is that you must have the last revision in your stock , right ? Is there any Rev. C , right now (November the 16th 2020) ?

I updated my old  sd2snes (REV.E1b/2012-05-07) with the new firmware 0.1.8.

Everything is working fine (I mean "normal" roms..) but My MSU 1 games won't play any music at all... only sfx !
With the previous firmware ( 0.1.7e ) I can play MSU 1 games without any problems.

I tried to revert to firmware 0.1.7e  = no success !
No music for MSU 1 games...    :-(

I tested my SD2sens with the diagnostic program from

here is the result :

flash check:   1111-4-33b04504-dfb09a7f-00-11-0 
Test      Result
SD        Passed
USB       not implemented
RTC       Passed
CIC       no run
FPGA      Passed
RAM       Passed
SD DMA    Passed
CLK       Passed
DAC       not implemented
SNES IRQ  Passed
SNES RAM  Passed
SNES PA   Passed

I don't think it's an hardware failure... now I don't know what I can do with my sd2snes...
Do I need to scratch my previous saves ?
Do I need to clean a specific folder ?

I'm playing my SD2SNES on an Analogue - Super Nt, with the last firmware....

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