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As per topic, is there a tool to  mass-change the internal names of GB roms to make them all use the Japanese "X" game's internal name?

The reason for this is that in the GBC/SGB BIOS (and by extend the GBA one) this particular game defaults to using the B/W palette , thus avoiding the puke-color default one or having to press LEFT+B each time a GB game boots on a GBC/SGB. 

GBC and SGB BIOS palette options are described here: and
and the thread with mrpopsicleman's heads up on this is here:

It would be great to have a tool making this change and give end users control of the default palette, even if this means patching roms...
TIA for any info!  :)


according to the info here:

With the introduction of the GBC, the internal cart name has been made smaller. Is this correct ?

Yes. Rom location $143 was turned into a flag that indicated a GBC game so the internal cart name was reduced in size from 16 to 15 characters. The GBC flag is $80 for a GBC compatible or dedicated game. Any other value signifies a non-GBC game.

As of 1-Mar-99, all GBC games have an even smaller internal cart name of 11 characters. The four ascii characters following the internal cart name are now dedicated to the game product code. As part of this change, the GBC flag byte was changed: $80 = GBC compatible game, $c0 = GBC dedicated game. Any other values signify a non-GBC game.

all you need to do is replace these 16bytes with the X ones and then recalculate the rom's checksum...


just got my ED-GB and it's just awesome like the rest of the EDs  ;D
I am using a GBA-SP 101 with it, but unfortunately Nintendo in their infinite wisdom decided to make a puke-palette autoloading in GB classic games... and do add to the insult, the normal b/w one is accessible via LEFT+B in the gameboy bios logo... not even a single button shortcut like the rest of the puke-palettes , someone decided that having ridiculous colors by default is great  :o :o :o

So, is there a way to make the ED-GB or the GBA auto-select the B/W palette? Or are we doomed to press Left+B each time a game loads?

TIA for any info!  :)

Super EverDrive / Heads up: SNES Ys 5 English translation released
« on: December 05, 2013, 12:28 PM »

just a heads up on the translation for Ys 5 for the snes: Ys V - Kefin, Lost City of Sand

homepage + download:
alt download:

correct (J) ROM md5: F630C6E0F11FD53D112F3DD004EA7184
translated ROM md5: B27591AD95C4904E584C5B2523DE4B0D

Enjoy!  8)

Mega EverDrive / Will we ever see an update to the MegaED firmware?
« on: September 12, 2013, 11:52 AM »

Being an owner of the MegaED for quite some time now I must admit that I feel  kind of forgotten as a buyer of this cart.
There are several compatibility issues as discussed in the threads here, there is the lack of eeprom saves support and ofcourse the huge FPGA that does almost nothing atm.
I am not complaining about the fm/whatever lack of potential fpga features, but eeprom saves? that's a big disappointment. Even the simpler everdrive-MD supports them and it's almost half the price...
The way I see it, as-is, you are paying double for instant loading, worse compatibility and in-game-menu/savestates that work with half the games (that is not the megaed's fault though)

C'mon Krikzz , fix the compatibility so it's at least on par with the ED-MD....  ;D  8)

I have noticed that the megakey region setting in my Mega-ED does not save. No matter where I set it, when I power off the megadrive and then back on it always reverts to JAP NTSC. Is this normal? Shouldn't it save the setting?
I noticed because I was getting japanese text in some games , but when I set it back to US NTSC I get english text - until I power down my megadrive.
Is this a bug?
thanks in advance  8)

edit: found a trick to get it unstuck from the same setting  :)

a. turn MegaKey State to OFF and reset , then power-off
b. change MegaKey Region to desired value, reset then power off
c. turn MegaKey State to ON (this time it kept the Region setting) and reset , then power-off

that got it unstuck and now it saves almost every time... I checked it several times and it seems to shift from regions and end up either in JAP NTSC or US NTSC that I have set with the trick above...  ???

EverDrive 64 / Everdrive 64 gameboy emulator?
« on: July 27, 2012, 04:44 PM »

I noticed mentions and videos about the ED64 gameboy emulator... where can I find it? or the whole gameboy emulation was canned because it did not work well?
thanks for any info!  :)

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