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Off Topic / Sega Saturn running ST-V games using cartridge slot?
« on: February 05, 2021, 02:50 AM »
Ok... Just to make it clear, it's not a "I wish a Everdrive for the Sega Saturn" topic.

I saw the ST-V (Sega Titan Arcade Board) is just a Sega Saturn board to the Arcade market and using cartridge ROMs instead discs. Just to check, I rearched about any different spec between the two boards, like more RAM, etc... But from what I saw, both Sega Saturn and ST-V board shares the exact same specs, except for the different storage media.

With the works of Megavolt85 to convert Atomiswave games to be played at the Dreamcast, and the fact the hardware of  Atomiswave/Dreamcast fits the same way of the ST-V/Saturn case, I stopped to think: It's possible to make ST-V games be played at the SegaSaturn board in some way?

If the thing is to make the ST-V ROMs be converted to be played at the Sega Sega after burning the game into a disc, I think it's not possible or viable. We can see as example the game Groove on Fight, who was released first on the ST-V, and receive a Saturn port after. In the ST-V version, the characters have much more animation frames, while the Saturn version many frames and animations was cut, even with the game asking 1M RAM cartridge to run, and the game have loading times. With this, there's two problems: 1) Disc reading speed, and RAM. Even with the 4M RAM cartridge, it could not be enough to be, at least, viable.

So, we can have three options:

1) A dedicated Flash Cart to load ST-V ROMs from the cartridge slot.
2) Make ports to be played specifically at an optical drive emulator, as Rhea/Phoebe, Fenrir, or TerraOnion MODE.
3) Make ports to be played specifically at Prof. Abrassive's Satiator.

Even so, I think the Sega Saturn board must have some codes do be loaded to make the system loads a ST-V game. With this in mind, the last two options can only be possible with the help of an instruction loaded from the cartridge slot when you turn on the system. For example, Prof. Abrasive commented to make the Satiator's SD Card store the saves destinated to the internal memory storage, it's needed a cartridge, like a flashed Action Replay, to load an instruction to intercept the code who sends the data destinated to the internal memory to another destiny (a.k.a. the Satiator's SD Card). So, is it mean a specific cartridge can even load a different BIOS or some kind of instruction who makes the Saturn board works as a ST-V board and load ST-V games without any hard/permanent mod?

It's just speculation... But I'm very curious about if it's possible to be done in theory, but need to test in practice, or if it's not possible at all because some limitation I did not cited...

Off Topic / Re: the next everdrive?
« on: July 03, 2020, 03:05 PM »
Firstly, those systems are not exactly trivial to program for, and they have tiny user bases compared to what Krikzz currently supplies for.  He's free to tackle them, but it wouldn't make a ton of financial sense.  For that matter, he ought to hit up the Virtual Boy.  Though the DS/3DS I should think would be his next go since they have massive user bases.  Lastly, the RetroHQ carts are really, really, really good.  You won't be disappointed.  Right now the owner has had to restructure his distribution but in a few months he'll have quantities widely available.

I believe krikzz do the Everdrive thing more for a challenger or fun or love than to selling numbers. Anything krikzz will do, he will sell, more for others systems than anothers... Krikzz said once the Everdrive for Game Gear is the one with the lowest selling numbers and, even so, this device got a X7 revision with a plastic shell and every care as a top-selling Everdrive have (and not much time ago, this Everdrive was the only one still selling just the PCB).

So, even if a NeoGeo Pocket or a WonderSwan or any other not-so-popular system who get a Everdrive don't get high selling numbers, I believe it will get interest of these users, even if they already have a flash cart from other sources...

About the DS and 3DS... I believe those systems already have what they need. The 3DS can be just modded to load ROMs and other apps/plugins from the microSD slot, and dedicated cartridges can let a non-modded 3DS to be banned from the internet connection. From the DS side, there's a lot of good flash carts, from the R4 to the Acekard, combined with some custom firmwares. I don't follow the DS flash scene from years, and some of these flash carts can not being in production anymore, who can open the door for a new dedicated DS flash cart... If it's the case, I just hope a flash card who is able to enable DSi-enhaced games to run these games in this enhaced mode when played in a DSi.

I knew exactly what you meant, but I just don't think the development time and effort is going to yield much in return for Krikzz.  I agree a cart like that would be good to have, but we don't even know if it's possible to do all of those functions with one device?  I personally would like to get a RAM cart with game saving that didn't look like ass (Action Replay) ha ha ha.  Just not sure Krikzz is the ideal candidate.

Well... I know it's not possible to have an all-in-one cartridge offering all functions at the same time. That's why a physical switch or special menu could be the way to go... combined with the option to let software commands overcome manual selections temporarily. Think about the Satiator or other device loading a game and communicating with the cartridge: "Hey, Everdrive SS... I'm loading Street Fighter ZERO 3 and the user set everytime I load this game you must leave the actual mode and enter in 4MB mode. Well... I'm loading this game now. Do your job!!"

And, by the way, the Action Replay saving feature is just a bad marketing... It's not a Backup feature to make the cartridge runs like the official Backup cartridge. It just works as a save bank. As I said before, it's bad and good at the same time. It's bad because you still need an official backup cartridge if you want to have bigger save space and make use of some special save features in some games, and the Action Replay don't do it. But the good part is you can keep a copy of a precious save safe, who is important for games you spend a lot of playtime, or for games who are an ass to unlock things, like time release secrets found in Asuka 120% (20 hours of gameplay) or Fighters Megamix (84 hours of gameplay!!!). Even you can use an official backup cartridge in the same way, who knows if something happens, like overwrite the save...

Off Topic / Re: the next everdrive?
« on: July 03, 2020, 04:59 AM »
RetroHQ UK already HAS a NGPC flashcart.

RetroHQ UK already HAS a Lynx flashcart.

RetroHQ UK already HAS a Jaguar flashcart.

Atari Age's Harmony cart for the Atari 2600 is a perfect device.

Harmony is a product everybody says good things. The other devices from RetroHQ UK are nice they exist, but I would love dedicated Everdrive for those systems to expect something with the same quality and functions as in the existing Everdrives.

If you look for the idea of "there's already a flash card for that system, so no need for a Everdrive for it", so krikzz had no need to release a Mega Everdrive Pro, once the Mega SD existed before it... But he did the job, and between choose one of the two to get, I go to the Everdrive.

I won't even comment on the Saturn request because that won't sell.  Not to mention there's soon to be FOUR competing devices for that plus Pseudo Saturn.

I think you jumped my last post, so I'll explain better...

The "FOUR competing devices" are just optical drive emulators, who askes to mod the system to install them, and compatible with specific models, except for the Satiator, who is a plug-and-play device compatible with any Sega Saturn model (and my personal choice). Even so, even if you can load disc images from those devices, some relevant Sega Saturn games askes for expansions from the cartridge slot, so any optical drive emulator will not be able to offer a complete experience alone.

Ask about special cartridges for the Sega Saturn for the Sega Saturn fans... There's a lot: The Backup cartridge, the 1MB RAM, the 4MB RAM, the KoF'95 ROM cartridge, the Ultraman ROM cartridge, and the Action Replay Plus are must have in any collection. Put in this pack other cartridges, like a modded boot cartridge to load the Pseudo Saturn Kai, or the Gamer's Cartridge. Now ask for any Sega Saturn owner if they don't like to get an all-in-one cartridge, with all the features from the cartridges cited, plus some extras. So, you can't tell it won't sell for sure... And I can't tell it will sell for sure. But my personal answer is: I'M WAITING FOR IT, even having all the essential cartridges in my collection, nothing can beat an all-in-one cartridge to keep it inserted in my console... And I'm not counting other things like backup the saves into the SD card, or simulate the Saturn Floppy Disc Drive. Who knows if it's possible to even run ROMs of Sega Titan Video into the Saturn (but I believe it's not possible to run ST-V ROMs into the Saturn, but who knows)...

The idea of an Everdrive for the Sega Saturn is to work as a multi-purpose device than a ISO loader (that was never the main point, specially because it was discursed it won't be viable to load ISOs from the cartridge slot before). As I said in my last post, using an Everdrive SS with the multi-purpose concept combined the Satiator will be the ultimate Duo for the Sega Saturn system: One load the games, and the other do the expansions switch. And it will be even better if the switch of the cartridge functions can also be set by software commands. By the way, there's a video where Professor Abrasive comment about flashing an Action Replay cartridge with a specific tool (like the Pseudo Saturn Kai) to work combined with the Satiator. So, an Everdrive SS with all features cited can be even better than a flashed AR cartridge with some functions.

And by the way, the main purpose of the Pseudo Saturn Kai is to enable non-modded Sega Saturn systems to play CD-R games in any region. Of course there's other functions, but lack others (extra RAM, etc...). There's the Gamer's Cartridge, who is a SD Card cartridge with the same purpose of the Psedo Saturn Kai, plus the use of the SD Card to load homebrews or to work as a regular backup cartridge (with not an 100% of compatibility).

The Action replay plus also has Region lock breaker BTW

It too... :-P

1) The cartridge don't have an auto 1Mb/4Mb function. It's full 4Mb. That means some SNK games who asks the 1Mb cartridge will show some graphical glitches. I have a 1Mb/4Mb cartridge with switches, who let me select 1Mb or 4Mb manually. I think some kind of controller command / menu option / disc check could be better options, but I'm ok with switches.
I didn't know this, in fact all the marketing about the features of this product say that it has automatic 1M/4M RAM switching. So are they lying? Or they sell a faulty/incomplete product?

In fact, the SNK games runs normal, but sometimes the graphics do some glitch in some (not all) sprites, but it do not crashes the game. So, SNK games will work, but with this visual problem. I think the "auto" 1M/4M thing is just false marketing, because the cartridge must, first, recognize the disc's contents to make the change of which memory size will select, and I believe this thing do not exist in this cartridge. Metal Slug and Samurai Shodown IV are examples I had in the past...

Can you give more details about this switch? It's a mod you did to your cartridge or it came this way from the factory?

In fact I forget I have two cartridges, and both are identified with the code SSH-32-5188: A light grey one with the switch from the factory, and one dark gray with no switch from the factory, but with a installed switch. This last one with the installed switch I forget I had, probably I got it in a online marketplace with it already installed.

I search for some info of this cartridge with this code (SSH-32-5188), and I found the pictures of the light grey cartridge at Sega Retro: Front and Back. The dark grey one I have is like this, but with the same label of the light grey one, and with no holes for the switches (the previous owner had to make a hole into the cartridge to install a long metal switch into the cartridge's corner). Also, there's a variation with three switches (I found pictures here).

Off Topic / Re: the next everdrive?
« on: July 02, 2020, 07:28 PM »
But I would love to see some kind of Everdrive SS (for Sega Saturn), not to load ISOs, but to do some crazy features, like:
1) Have the ROMs of Ultraman and KoF'95 cartridge pre-burned and ready to select;
2) Suport for RAM expansion, with 1MB and 4MB selectable (or disabled);
3) Backup cartridge support (to be used by the compatible games and the Sega Saturn system);
4) Data Bank (for saves) support (separated from the Backup cartridge function);
5) Import/Export saves from the backup / data bank to a conected SD card;
6) Homebrew launcher from a conected SD card;
7) Region lock breaker;
8) Action Replay codes supported.

Do you mean something like this? but made by Krikzz?

Half that... The Action Replay Plus have the following features:
  • 4MB RAM;
  • Cheat Codes;
  • Save backup function.

Without counting the old versions of this Action Replay Plus have a port for updates, who was used to connect other homebrew devices.

But there's some notes:

1) The cartridge don't have an auto 1Mb/4Mb function. It's full 4Mb. That means some SNK games who asks the 1Mb cartridge will show some graphical glitches. I have a 1Mb/4Mb cartridge with switches, who let me select 1Mb or 4Mb manually. I think some kind of controller command / menu option / disc check could be better options, but I'm ok with switches.

2) The Save backup functions don't make the ARP work as a Backup cartridge. It works more like a Save Bank, who is good and bad at the same time. The good part is you have a separate place to backup the saves, who is inacessible to the console or the games. The bad part is it don't work as a backup cartridge. So, compatible games will not recognize the cartridge and save data on it.

I'll list again what an Everdrive SS could feature, with explanations:

1) Have the ROMs of Ultraman and KoF'95 cartridge pre-burned and ready to select:
Ultraman and KoF'95 are games who combine ROM cartridge with CD. As they have dedicated ROM cartridge each. That means each game was splited between the disc and the cartridge, and you can not have access of those game with the disc alone. Make an Everdrive SS have these games with burned ROMs for that games pre-installed will be very interesting, but it also can have some legal problems. The "legal" choice here is the user to have the ROMs, and the Everdrive SS have the option to flash the ROMs into its memory. It could be cool to flash homebrew games and softwares.

2) Suport for RAM expansion, with 1MB and 4MB selectable (or disabled);
As said before, there's games who runs only with the 1MB cartridge (most SNK games), only with 4MB cartridges (most some Capcom games), and games who have optional support to use the 1MB cartridge (Marvel Super Heroes, Cyberbots) or both 1MB and 4MB cartridge (Pocket Fighter, Astra Super Star). And some SNK games who runs only with the 1MB cartridge shows some graphical glitches if it be played with the 4MB cartridge stead (Metal Slug, Samurai Shodown IV). It would be nice to have the option to let the user select which RAM will use, or just disable it.

3) Backup cartridge support (to be used by the compatible games and the Sega Saturn system);
The backup cartridge is what it is: It is an extended memory option to save your game's progress. Not all the Sega Saturn games are compatible with this cartridge, who means the games make use of the console's internal memory to save the game's progress is not necessarily compatible with the cartridge, while the others are. Some games even make use of the bigger memory size to create huge save files who can not fit inside the console's internal memory alone, as create ghost files in some racing games, who askes about 900 blocks, or even Fantasy Zone, who can create up to two replay files who askes more than 2.000 blocks each.

4) Data Bank (for saves) support (separated from the Backup cartridge function);
It works as said above: It's is a place to backup your saves and keep then safe and inacessible to the console/games (must access a specific menu to backup/restore the saves). It's important for some games who asks a lot of work to unlock secrets, including those who asks a certain number of hours of play time to unlock secrets (Asuka 120%, Fighters Megamix). In the Action Replay, the saves are locked inside the cartridge's memory, but with the Everdrive SS.

5) Import/Export saves from the backup / data bank to a conected SD card;
It's the option to backup/restore saves from the console's internal memory or backup cartridge, or even the data bank to the SD card and vice-versa. Professor Abrasive's Satiator will have this same feature of transfer saves from the Saturn's internal memory (and backup cartridge?) to the device's SD card. If you think about it, it's really necessary a Data Bank backup function to the cartridge, if you can have the option to backup saves directly to the SD card?

6) Homebrew launcher from a conected SD card;
It what it is: Instead of burn the homebrew into a CD, the user have the option to launch from the Everdrive SS. I think it could work in the same way as flashing a ROM into the cartridge, but it could be different from how the CD's data is not a single file ROM.

7) Region lock breaker;
Play games from other regions in a locked Sega Saturn system. It can even defeat the copy protection system like the Pseudo Saturn Kai.

8) Action Replay codes supported.
Cheat codes? Why not? I always need to put infinity life to the 2nd player to create Traning Mode in fighting games who don't have this kind of mode.

But, in general, an Everdrive SS could work more as a multi-task device (including flash ROM feature) than a dedicated flash cartridge with some extra functions.

I don't think if an Everdrive SS could be more efficient using switches to select some functions, of by holding buttons during boot section, or using a menu, but it could be amazing if the cartridge could have some kind of code-forced function to auto-select some of functions. With Professor Abrasive's Satiator on the way, is could be amazing if a combined team work of these two devices could occour for a better quality of life experience, like... Before selecting one game using the Satiator, open a specific menu and active options to make the Everdrive SS enter in a specific mode when that game load. Example: Set X-Men VS Street Fighter to make the Everdrive SS enter in 4MB mode each time this game is loaded; Set Sakura Wars to enter in Backup Cartridge Mode each time the game is loaded; etc...

Off Topic / Re: the next everdrive?
« on: July 01, 2020, 04:19 AM »
I would love to see the next Everdrive for NeoGeo Pocket and, after that, for WonderSwan.

Next, for Atari 2600, Atari Lynx and Atari Jaguar.

After that, maybe some revision for the Turbo Everdrive.

But I would love to see some kind of Everdrive SS (for Sega Saturn), not to load ISOs, but to do some crazy features, like:
1) Have the ROMs of Ultraman and KoF'95 cartridge pre-burned and ready to select;
2) Suport for RAM expansion, with 1MB and 4MB selectable (or disabled);
3) Backup cartridge support (to be used by the compatible games and the Sega Saturn system);
4) Data Bank (for saves) support (separated from the Backup cartridge function);
5) Import/Export saves from the backup / data bank to a conected SD card;
6) Homebrew launcher from a conected SD card;
7) Region lock breaker;
8) Action Replay codes supported.

Turbo EverDrive / Re: Turbo Everdrive differences
« on: March 29, 2018, 12:34 AM »
I'm waiting Krikzz can consider to release a v3/x7 version of the Turbo Everdrive. If this can be done, I hope the following features can be included in such revision:

  • Aditional RAM to make the TEB run Arcade CD-ROM² compatible games (this aditional RAM could be switched on/off in the case the user want to make tests with compatible games who run with Super CD-ROM² card, but enable enhancements with the Arcade CD-ROM²);

  • Support for Populous's extra RAM, making the game play properly with the Turbo Everdrive;

  • Support to backup/restore saves from the DUO's internal memory and devices (Interface Unit, Ten no Koe 2, Backup Booster, Shuttle Backup Unit, Turbo Booster Plus). We can have the option to backup/restore a single save in .SAV format (the same used in MeTool), or dump/restore all the memory, with support of Turbo Engine's .BRM format, Hu-Go!'s .DAT format, and Magic Egine's old .RAM format.

Master EverDrive / Re: Master Everdrive X7 coming soon
« on: March 28, 2018, 11:03 PM »
I would like to say I don't expected a x7 version of the Master Everdrive, but I must say I'm a little disapointed.

Aside of the better quality components to improve performance, what is a thing always welcome, make the update just to offer things like savestate, in-game menu, and soft reset to menu, who is a huge plus for the product, but it's not for my personal taste. Ok... Many users can wish for this feature, but I aim for a more pure experience. What happen if I try to use the infinity lives cheat in Black Belt, once the user needs to press Pause + Reset, once pressing Reset calls the Master Everdrive's Menu in this x7 version?

If the product could have other features, like USB port for development, or even a proper P2 connector to allow connecting the SMS 3D glasses directly to the cartridge (who could be super interesting feature for owners of the model 2 SMS), it could justify the product's higher price for the general consumers.

So, if a cheaper x5 version of the Master Everdrive could be released and offer everything from x7, minus savestate, in-game menu, and soft reset, it could be interesting for the general consumers. Just my opinion...

So, I have some questions...
  • Each of the Master Everdrive x7's new features (savestate, in-game menu, and soft reset) can be disabled to meet the user's taste? This kind of customized setup can be used in other Everdrives who offer this kind of feature?

  • The Master Everdrive (the original version and the new x7) is complatible with games who have extra RAM embed?

  • It's possible to store just one ROM into the Everdrive and make the Everdrive load the game direcly as if it was a retail cartridge? This kind of thing can be done in other Everdrives?

Backing up save data on the SD would require someone to write a TED-specific PC Engine homebrew that is able to transfer data between the backup ram and the SD, and no such program exists today.
A TED-specific homebrew to transfer saves from and to the SD card could be a holy grail for the PC Engine community.

THERE'S A TOPIC where KRIKzz and other members are talking about write function, and megatron-uk got a partially working FAT library...

If such homebrew could be done, could be interesting to add support to read/write in both PC Engine backup memory and the Memory Base 128 memory, besides the SD card support...

EverDrive 64 / Good PC Save Manager for Nintendo 64?
« on: June 05, 2017, 05:17 AM »
Hellow. I would like to know if there's some good save manager to manage (duh!) the many types of Nintendo 64 save formats.

The Nintendo 64 have many formats of saves. Cartridges can have 4 and 16 kilobits EEPROMs, 256 kilobits SRAM, and 1024 kilobits FlashRAM, and even the uncommon 768Kbit SRAM found in Dezaemon 3D, plus the Controller Pak with 256 kilobits.

The Controller Pak have many ways to backup/restore the inside content, making possible to swap the data between console and emulators. And, with the help of the GameShark, it's possible to backup even the saves from the original cartridges to the Controller Pak, and from the Controller Pak to PC, except the games who uses FlashRAM, once it's too much data to fit into a single Controller Pak.

I made some research about the many save formats of the Controller Pak, and I found the following formats:
  • Dex Drive (saves the Controller Pak in .n64 format)
  • Adaptoid NA105 (saves the Controller Pak in .a64 format);
  • Retrode (saves in .mpk format);
  • Everdrive 64 (saves in .mpk format);
  • Custom backup method with Arduino (saves in .mpk format).
There's are some formats of Controller Pak's backup I couldn't find (I don't know if there's any other formats), without counting the methods to backup cartridges' directly, as the Doctor V64(jr.) metrod (.sav format), emulators formats (.epp, .sra, .fla), or even the Virtual Console's save (.bin format), without counting the Z64 format, who I can't find proper information about the device's save format.

The main problem is I can't find any kind of advanced save manager for PC who have support for the many types of save formats, doing things as access the content of a Controller Pak file, inject/extract cartridge saves backup from the Memory Pak used by GameShark, convert Memory Pak and/or save formats. What I can find is a converter to convert specific formats, like DexDrive to V64, or THIS ONLINE .MPK EXPLORER, who let extract and eject individual saves (in .note format) of the .MPK files, and, of course, the amazing ED64-Saveswap...

So, I'm creating this thread to ask for help to find which save managers/converters for Nintendo 64 are available around the Internet... or even to inspire some programmer to create a definitive save converter for the Nintendo 64...

Mega EverDrive / Re: Sega CD Backup RAM questions
« on: June 02, 2017, 05:31 PM »
Thanks for the informations. :)

I wasn't able to find any kind of Sega CD Save Manager for PC. That is nothing anything can be really useful, once the own system's save manager is very versatile about copy files between internal memory and backup cartridges, who let the user transfer any save file between the regular Backup cartridges and the Mega Everdrive using the internal memory as a bridge to transfer all the data. The user just need to be patient to do it, once we need to swap cartridges a number of times to transfer a large number of files, once the Sega CD's internal memory can hold just 64kbit (8kb) / 125 blocks, while official Backup cartridges can hold 1Mbit (128kb) / 2045 blocks.

Up to my knolegment, there isn't any Sega CD game that creates an auxiliary save file who can not fit inside the internal Sega CD memory, forcing the use of a Backup cartridge. That's diferent from the Sega Saturn, who have some games who create save files so big can only fit inside the Backup cartridge, like the replay data of Sega Rally and Fantasy Zone ... The most famous Sega CD game who needs the use of a Backup cartridge is Shining Force CD, once each book (a.k.a. "each game in this collection") uses 99 blocks. So, it's not a big problem to transfer one file at a time.

And, by the way, Sega Genesis / Mega Drive emulators commomly uses two extensions to create backup files for Sega CD games: .BRM files, who refer to the Backup cartridges, and .FRM files, who refer to the internal Backup memory. Just to note, .SRM files are commomly used to the SRAM for regular cartridges in emulators.

Mega EverDrive / Sega CD Backup RAM questions
« on: June 01, 2017, 11:33 PM »
I have some questions about the Backup RAM feature of the Mega Everdrive.

  • The Mega Everdrive will create a file in the SD card to store the saves. The space to save is the same of the original RAM cart, or it's bigger?

  • What is the name and extension of the Backup RAM's file used by the Mega Everdrive? This file can be used in emulators?

  • There's some kind of "Sega CD Save Manager" for PC who let the users manage the saves inside the Backup RAM file?

Turbo EverDrive / Re: Questions about TED...
« on: June 01, 2017, 09:32 PM »
Thank's for the info.

I'm looking forward for a future update of the TED with these features. I hope such update can be released soon.

Just for information, the PCE version of Populous has backup feature in it's own Hu-Card. There's another Hu-Card with Save feature, who is the Ten in Koe Bank, who works as a backup storage. If the memory of the console runs out, you can backup it to the Ten on the Koe Bank card, and release the memory to play other games. One thing about the Ten on Koe Bank is it just backup and restore the whole SRAM, not individual files. The Ten on Koe Bank offers 4 slots to backup 4 complete SRAM banks. Another thing about the Ten in Koe Bank is used just to storage saves, once other games aren't able to access these informations.

If the TED could have backup support with a built-in Memory Manager, it could be awesome.

Turbo EverDrive / Questions about TED...
« on: June 01, 2017, 05:38 PM »
I have some questions about the Turbo Everdrive. So, if any question done here are not possible to aplly in the actual version of the Turbo Everdrive (v2), please, consider these questions as suggestions for some future update version of the Turbo Everdrive (v3?).

  • Until what I understand, the TEDv2 have proper support to run CD-ROM² Card ROMs, alowing to play CD-ROM games without the need to swap the flash card to a CD-ROM² Card. The question is if the TEDv2 have support for all versions of the CD-ROM² Cards, including Super System Card (3.00), Arcade Cards (Pro and DUO), and even the Game Express?

  • The TED have some option to start-up a ROM automatically before the TED menu shows up? I'm asking it because it can be very conveninent to make the TED load a CD-ROM² Card ROM as the first step when you turn on the console if you plays mainly CD games in your console, and press the TED's switch to access the menu if you want to play some Hu-Card ROMs.

  • The TED have support to backup and restore Game Saves from the PC Engine compatible backup devices (Turbo Boosters, Backup Boosters, Ten no Koe 2, CD base units, DUO's internal memory, Memory Bases, etc)? It can be useful if you want to preserve your saves, or swap saves between console and emulator.

  • The TEDv2 already have save support for Populous implemented? (EDIT: I found there's a common miskate about the PC Engine version of Populous, who it is stored into a thicker Hu-Card, who some places says this extra space is to hold extra memory for backup, but the fact is this game uses extra RAM memory. That can even answer some incompatibility issues with the TED...)

Mega EverDrive / Re: First network game for Mega EverDrive
« on: May 25, 2015, 11:45 PM »
That's amazing!! I hope we can have some other hacks to allow some games to play with this amazing feature (Sonic 2? Sonic 3? Zero Tolerance?).  ;D

Can this "magic" be done with other Everdrivers?  :D

Master EverDrive / Re: Powerbase Mini FM
« on: May 11, 2015, 11:49 PM »
I would love to see, in the future, a revision of both Master and Mega Everdrives (ED GG too?) with a YM2413 chip to give FM support, with an in-menu option to enable/disable the chip...  :D

But I think Krikzz will not do that soon...  :(

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