Author Topic: Build a dedicated HTPC or just connect my regular PC with a long HDMI cable?  (Read 1315 times)

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Hello all, I know this isn't really a PC forum, but I'll ask anyways. I recently built a gaming PC, and quite enjoy it. This has got me thinking- why not build a Home Theater PC dedicated to my television needs? A sort of hub for all my entertainment needs, streaming, mild gaming, physical media support (my PC does not have a disc drive). I went so far as to build one on PC part picker, and when I saw the cost, it didn't make a whole lot of sense to me. Why would I not just connect my gaming PC to the television with a long HDMI cable? I wouldn't have support for physical media, but it would be way cheaper. Has anyone else built a HTPC, and did you like it enough that you felt justified in building another PC altogether for your media needs?
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my main TV is close enough to my PC so I just use HDMI cable, though I do have nvidia shield TV which I use far more as its designed to be using with tv's to begin with and it emulates even wii games. Its also a lot cheaper than building an PC, especially the used 2015 models.