Author Topic: How do I clean the contacts inside my Game Boy Player WITHOUT taking it apart?  (Read 1296 times)

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Sometimes when playing my GBA Everdrive (which for whatever reason is already giving me a warning about the battery has run dry and RTC resets to default; surely it shouldn't be doing that already?) the screen will freeze and turn the screen dim (or even give me the Red Screen of Death) forcing me to reset.  I suspect that it's the Game Boy Player connector's fault and needs to be cleaned.  Problem is, how do you do that without taking it apart (I really am not comfortable with taking it apart if it can at all be avoided).  I'm afraid that one day the dimmed screen of death might happen in the middle of saving a game and cause the save and/or SD card and/or Everdrive cartridge to get ruined 😞  That is why on a disc based console they warn big time not to touch the memory card or power button while saving, right?

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What about this cartridge cleaner? That could work.