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The video at:

shows 46 different  mods that you can play via your Everdrive 64. These include mods for the following games:

Donkey Kong 64
Kirby 64 Crystal Shards
The Legend of Zelda: Majora Mask
Mario Kart 64
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Paper Mario
Super Smash Bros. 64
Super Mario 64

Note that if you want to play the Super Mario 64 mod 'Sapphire' (by the always brilliant Kaze) then don't download it from the obvious link on it's download page, as that points to a patch that won't work on a real N64. Instead, look for the word 'Versions' on the download page, and click on the words "SM64 Sapphire (Console Compatible)". This will download the patch for the version of the mod that runs on real hardware, and when you use the patch to create the SM64 Sapphire rom, it will be 8 MB in size.

EverDrive 64 / Goldeneye fan-made levels Compilation Pack
« on: September 08, 2021, 06:17 PM »
Quoted from the webpage:

"Over the years, we've seen many great custom missions* be released by various authors. The problem is, you have to load in a new ROM each time you want to change a level. What if we could have a handful of these all in one nice and neat compilation pack?

That's what this mod was created for. Twelve missions and nine multiplayer maps, carefully edited and put together for a seamless experience. There are some fun easter eggs to find, a bonus objective on 007 difficulty called "Cheese Tracker!" (where you must find and destroy three pieces of cheese wedges), and a bunch of exciting cheat options (which are unlocked once the final mission has been completed on any standard difficulty).

You're able to toggle the anti-aliasing inside the watch menu, as well as whether or not you hear footstep sound effects when you walk. The Sight-On-Screen option was replaced to accommodate the steps, but you can still enable/disable the crosshair by holding both L+R shoulder buttons for a brief moment during gameplay. In the future, you may see dedicated controller buttons with useful functions. You can preview these in the final mission.

That about wraps it up. Enjoy these fantastic levels that our very creative GE modding community have crafted!"


Note 1: The ROM name and product ID codes have been changed. This means that you will be using new save files that are unique from the original GoldenEye. However, this also means that it may not be recognized as a GoldenEye game by different emulators or flash drives. You might need to set up the game settings, and be sure it uses EEPROM 4K save type.

ID Code: NG7E

Note 2: If you're playing with the GE/PD 1964 emulator, you will not immediately have the hi-res textures that it offers GoldenEye through Glide. You'll need to go into the folders, and find the "GOLDENEYE_HIRESTEXTURES.dat" file. Simply make a copy of it, and name it as "GOLDENEYE COMP PACK_HIRESTEXTURES.dat" for the new ROM name. This also goes for the "" file. Copy it, and name that one "GOLDENEYE COMP", as well.

* A great site to find many of these mods and hacks is:

Ever wanted to play through Perfect Dark with you starring as Mario, and with all of the other characters being characters from Mario's universe?

Or, since Perfect Dark stars Joanna, who is female, then you'd prefer to play through the game as Peach, but still with every other character being from Mario's universe?

Either way, this mod is for you:

Video and patch download link:

Go to 0:50 to skip the video's opening text, if you like.

And the mod that puts Mario characters into Goldeneye has existed for a few years now:

EverDrive 64 / Paper Mario 64 mods
« on: July 31, 2021, 06:21 PM »
Here are some hacks for Paper Mario 64, one of the few RPGs on the N64. You probably need an expansion pak to play each of these, and they might all not work on a real N64 (I'm at work so I can't test them).

Paper Mario 64 - Black Pit:

Paper Mario: 20th Anniversary Edition

Paper Mario hard mode and more enemy HP. This is the original game, but made much harder, for people who love the game but have played it so often that they now find the game too easy.

Paper Mario: Master Quest. This mod adds/changes various things, and comes in two skill levels. This is the description from the website:

Paper Mario: Master Quest is a mod made for "Paper Mario" on the N64. It revamps old content and adds plenty of new as well.

Often considered "The Dark Souls of Paper Mario", the mod is incredibly difficult. It was designed with elite challenge runners in mind, and unless you have extensive knowledge of Paper Mario, you may struggle with much of the content. For those players we offer Paper Mario: Master Quest Jr which has all of the content the original has, with a much more reasonable difficulty curve. If you want to stream the mod, starting with Jr. is recommended.

Some of the new content includes:

50+ new maps, including a brand new dungeon!
A fully functional Pit of 100 Trials.
Boss refights for all major bosses.
60+ new enemies, ranging from recolors to fully custom bosses.
Heavy changes to enemy AI, and new battle mechanics not found in the vanilla game.
A number of map changes to keep some areas feeling fresh, and keep the player on their toes.
Item and Badge rebalancing, some more obscure tools are now viable.
New badges and partner attacks.

There are at least three more mods that I can't find downloads for. Paper Bowser (, and Paper Mario: Starry Woods (, and Paper Mario: Star Matrix.  Hopefully none of these have been abandoned by their authors.

Finally, there is the very promising Paper Mario: Wish Upon Abyss. This mod is still a work in progress, so no downloads yet, but a demo is available to a select few people (not me, so don't ask!) :

An uncensored version of Conker's Bad Fur Day is finally available! Quite a few people have wanted this, over the years, so this should please some people greatly.

If you've not played CBFD, then it's an 'adult' game that's mostly very juvenile, but a lot of fun. It's really mostly a 3D platform game, with some third person shooting, and very simple problem solving. What makes it stand out, though is the quality and originality of the game. The humour is often really good (it's by far the funniest non-adventure* game that I've ever played), the scenes and enemies are really inventive and well designed, the gameplay is often really entertaining, and the multiplayer modes are varied and mostly extremely enjoyable to play, whether you play them alone (against the really good computer controlled bots) or against a friend or two. And it has probably the best graphics and sound of any game on the Nintendo 64.

On the minus side, some of the jokes just aren't funny (at least to me), a few of the scenes (an area where you must perform a certain gameplay mechanic) are dull or irritating, and the shooting mechanics in parts of the single player campaign really could have done with some streamlining (they can be finicky) before the game's release. But overall it's a fantastic game, both single player and in the multiplayer modes, and every N64 fan should give it a go. And now you can play it with the censorship removed, if you like, so you can hear all of the swearing.

Personally I prefer the swearing to be censored, as that helps it  feel more 'cartoonish' somehow. But it's your choice.

Read more about it here:

EverDrive 64 / An ED64 FPGA question
« on: July 10, 2021, 07:39 PM »
Since the Everdrive 64 uses an FPGA, it is possible that this FPGA can be made to run emulators specifically written for an FPGA? So that we can have more accurate emulation of older systems? I doubt it, I assume that there are obstacles to this, such as the ED64's FPGA being too slow or too inflexible, or the drag factor of the FPGA having to working through the Everdrive and N64 hardware. Otherwise, I imagine, someone would have tried it by now.


DK64 KongQuest, the first ever level hack of Donkey Kong 64, has been released!

Here's a video of it being played:

And to download the patch, go to:

And here's a novelty hack of Super Mario 64, where Mario grows in size every time he collects a coin:

This isn't intended to be a finished mod, or anything, it's just that the author (Kaze, who makes amazing SM64 mods) has written this game mechanic for another project, so he thought it would be a bit of fun for people to try this mini-mod.

Get it from:

I don't know if this one works on the N64, I've not tested it.

Two new Super Mario 64 mini-mods, Evo Q and Tribal Tropics have been released, and they are fully compatible with a real N64 (unlike most SM64 mods, that won't run on a real N64), and they look interesting:

Evo Q:

Tribal Tropics:

Also, the real N64 compatible and supposedly excellent mod for Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, The Legend of Zelda: The Missing Link, has been updated to version 1.5:

And the (again, said to be both well worth playing and real hardware compatible) Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask mod The Legend of Zelda - Majora's Mask - Masked Quest has been updated to version 4.3.0:

Off Topic / Sony are giving away ten games for the Playstation 4
« on: March 26, 2021, 03:28 PM »
Sony are giving away ten commercial games, as a gift to people who are stuck at home during this miserable time.

To download them on your PS4, go to the Playstation Store (it's at the very left, on the PS4's dashboard), then when it opens click on the 'Play at Home' page, and click on each game that you want, and and on that game's page, click the download button. You can then cancel any of the games that you don't want to download at the moment, and as long as you have started to download any of these games, then they are permanently marked as 'purchased' in your account and you can download them any time in the future.

The games are:

Enter the Gungeon
Rez Infinite
The Witness
Astro Bot Rescue Mission
Paper Beast

Some of these are virtual reality games, or have support for VR, but can be played as normalon a TV instead.

Also, go to the search box (the top of the Playstation Store screen, when on the main menu)and search for

Ratchet and Clank

as that game is also part of the Play at Home gift set. But the expiration date for the Ratchet and Clank offer expires sooner than for the other games, so get it pretty quick.

Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition will also be freely available from the 19th April, too.

This isn't just a publicity stunt where they give away a few rubbish games that aren't worth playing. Some of these games are extremely good, and very popular. So if you have a PS4, then at least start to download these games, so that they are permanently marked as 'purchased' (even though it costs no money!) in your account, so you can download and play them any time in the future.

Kaze Emanuar, the one man modding army who has created some amazing Super Mario 64 mods, has released a demo of his upcoming SM64 hack Return to Yoshi’s Island 64, and you can read about it here:

Download the patch here:

Does anyone know what is happening with the Another World N64 project?

Jnmartin84, the same bloke who made the brilliant PC Doom ports for the N64, is responsible for this new project, so when it's finished we should be in for a real treat.

Is the game currently playable, and if so, has anyone compiled it and made it available for download?

(The screenshots in this post are from the 'net, not from the N64 port of the game).

EverDrive 64 / A new HDMI output mod for the N64
« on: February 01, 2021, 11:35 PM »
A new N64 HDMI output mod is apparently on the way. The web-page doesn't say much about it, though, saying simply:

"- Digital lag-free HDMI output up to 1080p

- Analog RGB/YPbPr through multiout

- Simple firmware update procedure via WiFi

- Video Filters: Deblur / Scanlines / Smoothing

Available April 2021"

Does anyone know anything more about this?


EverDrive 64 / Post your favourite N64 mods and hacks here
« on: November 29, 2020, 11:01 PM »
I thought it might be a good idea for us to post our favourite N64 game mods and hacks here, as of course newer members of the forum might not be aware of older mods and hacks.

Goldeneye X - My favourite N64 game mod, and the one which made me buy an Everdrive 64, so I could play it on my N64. It's an amazing mod, which aims to bring Goldeneye over to the Perfect Dark engine, thereby allowing Goldeneye to have all of PD's technical advantages, such as weather effects, much better enemy A. I., bots in multiplayer, etc. The present version of the mod has an almost finished multiplayer mode (and it's fantastic!), but only a couple of single player levels are playable, and aren't guaranteed to be glitch/bug free. Most of the other single player levels can be walked around, but there are no enemies and can't be completed by the player. The mod is still being worked on, and a new version will hopefully be released in the not too distant future.

Perfect Dark Plus - A great mod that lets you play in multiplayer as a Skedar (brilliant!) or as Dr Carroll! Also adds two new multiplayer levels, Stack and Caves, and lets you use the 'classic' (i.e. the Goldeneye weapons) in the multiplayer. Finally, you can play as a Skedar!

Conker's Bad Fur Day - Several different hacks, with no real names given to them (as with most hacks or mods), all made by the *very* clever ConkerGuru. These hacks include things like being able to view any cutscene at anytime (which you can use to see the cutscenes that otherwise never play, play any of the speech samples at any time, and view the memory contents as the game runs, if you're smart enough (i.e. not me) to understand and care about how the game works.

Personally, it's the two game hacks that I love. One of them randomly chooses what characters the computer controlled enemies are in Deathmatch (in the unmodded game, they are all Tediz, this mod makes it look more interesting and varied. The other hack is brilliant - it stops the game resetting everyone's positions in the Colors game mode when someone captures the flag and scores a point. It might not sound like much, but it really improves the game, as now you can find a great sniping point and stay there as long as you like, or get a great weapon and keep it as long as you like and watch/guard a specific area etc, for as long as you choose, no matter how many points are scored by either team. And both the time limit and the score limit are effectively set to no limit, so you can just play until you get bored and choose to end the game, if you like.

Smash Remix - A *very* detailed and impressive mod for Super Smash Bros.  that adds eight new characters, 54 new stages (levels), new options, and new or modified moves. Any SSB fan would love this mod!

Sin and Punishment - An English translation of the fantastic, previously Japanese only game, which was voted the best "Run and gun" game ever, by the British Retro Gamer magazine.

Download and use this patch:

Note that there are two other English translations of this game, available on the website, but at least one of those only works on emulators (not on a real N64), whereas the translation in the link, above, works very well on with a real N64.

SimCity 64 - This is an English translation of the unique and utterly fantastic 64DD exclusive game, SimCity 64. For those of you who have never heard of it, SC64 is basically SimCity 2000, but with lots of improvements, such as the editing stage is in real(ish) 3D, you can walk around town in a first person view and speak to people (to find out how they feel, and what they want in their city), you can drive around, fly around in a helicopter, even gamble for more money. The translation isn't 100% complete yet (it's no doubt a very complicated job), but it is still in progress, so we'll no doubt see it completed at some point, but fortunately for us it's very playable now, with no language problems in the base game mode to hinder us.

On a personal note, this was the 64DD game I most wanted to see released for the N64 in PAL format, so of course it was never released over here (I've never been lucky  :(), and with the dual obstacles of the game only being available on the 64DD (which wasn't released outside of Japan), and being entirely in Japan (which I don't speak), I thought I'd never get to play it. But due to the effort and hard work of Luigiblood, Zoinkity, Krikzz and others, in making the Everdrive 64 play 64DD games, and Ozidual in translating the game, I finally got to play it and managed to find out that it's even better than I thought it would be. Don't you love it when that happens?

If you want a more thoughtful game, that can really draw you in and make hours pass like minutes, then give SimCity 64 a go. Note: Don't confuse SimCity 64 with SimCity 2000, which is also on the N64 (and also Japanese only!).

There are many more that I could add, but this will do for a start. What are your favourite hacks, mods, etc for any N64 games?

Every so often, someone creates a new thread on this forum, regarding news about a new mod or hack, or sometimes about a newer, later version of an existing mod. This is really helpful and informative to anyone else who might be interested in playing it, of course, but the problem is that to anyone who is away from the forum for a few weeks, then they might not ever see that thread, because it will be moved down in the thread list over time as more topics are made. So it might be a good idea to have just one thread for such news and announcements, as that thread will tend to stay near the top of the thread lists (at least it should always be on the the first page of the thread list), and so anyone can find it whenever they like, and keep up with the latest updates and new releases.

So please feel free to post in this thread any links and a quick description to any mod or hack, whether it's new or an updated version.

Here's some new ones, to get the ball rolling:

Doom 64 Brightness + Features Menu (A hack for Doom 64 that adds a features/cheats menu, and fixes the game being too dark for many televisions) -

Ocarina of Time Redux (Ocarina of Time, but with various improvements, also includes the same hack for the Ocarina of Time: Master Quest game) -

Majora's Mask Redux (Majora's Mask, but with various improvements) -

Super Smash Bros. Sonic 2 Mod  (A mod that changes all of levels in Super Smash Bros. into levels based on those from Sonic the Hedgehog 2. Also changes the music, but not the in-game characters that you play as) -

Nintama Rantarou 64 Game Gallery English Translation (An English translation of the Japanese only game Nintama Rantarou 64 Game Gallery. But, since the person who made this translation, Zoinkity, describes the game as " Arguably the worst Nintendo 64 title not produced by Titus", then you might not want to bother with this hack....

Smash Remix (A *very* detailed and impressive mod, that adds eight new characters, 54 stages (levels), new options, and new or modified moves) -

Tomorrow Never Dies 64
(A Total Conversion (albeit a short one) of Goldeneye, based on the movie Tomorrow Never Dies) -

The fantastic ongoing Banjo Kazooie mod, Banjo Kazooie - Stay At Home has received yet another update, and now you can (and must!) guide Banjo and Kazooie through Goldeneye's iconic first level.

It looks brilliant!

The mod also lets you guide Banjo and Kazooie through levels from Ocarina of Time, Bomberman 64, Super Mario 64, and Donkey Kong 64, and will hopefully distract you a little from the worry and the misery of the current Covid 19 situation, as you  guide the bear and the bird through these new (to them!) worlds.

To download the patch to create the mod, go to the above Youtube page, click "Show More", and follow the download link that you see.

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