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OK, here is my situation.

I have a Turbo Ever Drive (TED) 2.5, a Turbografx16 (TG16), a Turbografx16 CD ROM (TGCD) attachment, and a Turbo Express (TE). I don't have any Hu Cards, but I have CDRs of TGCD games.

The TED works great in my TE no problems.
The TED works for about 10-30 min in the TG16 before locking up needing a hard reset.
The TED works for about 1-3 min in the TGCD before locking up and needing a hard reset in either Hu Card or CD ROM games.
The TGCD works fine with no problems with an authentic CD System card (2.0), but sadly I can only test 1-2 games as the rest of my CDRs are CD System 3.0 games.
I don't have any Hu Cards to test at all.

All that being said, any ideas? I know the TED draws more power, so I'm wondering if my CD Dock power supply is not giving enough power, also maybe explaining why the regular TG16 lasts longer before locking up (it has a different power supply). Or do you guys think there is something wrong with the capacitors? I know the Duo has capacitor issues, but I'm told the regular TG16 and TGCD never did. Also, all my power supplies are the OEM ones, but I'm just saying maybe they are old and not working as well as they use too. Thoughts?

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