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EverDrive N8 / Metal Slader Glory graphical glitches on N8 PRO
« on: June 04, 2020, 01:09 AM »

I picked up on some graphical glitches when playing the English patched ROM of Metal Slader Glory via the N8 Pro. The glitches don't seem to be reproducible when using a real Metal Slader Glory cart that has been converted to English. So far, they're most noticeable during the opening/intro sequence of the game, where you can see jitter in some of the text/graphical tiles. Since the jitter only happens on the N8 Pro, my feeling is that there is a glitch/bug happening somewhere.

I've uploaded a recording to Streamable, showing the opening/intro running on a N8 Pro, then a original cartridge that has been converted with English-patched ROMs. You can view it here: - Both carts were (obviously) running on the same setup: Nintendo A/V Famicom with a viletim RGB->gscart RGB switch->XRGB Framemeister->Micomsoft SC512N1 capture card. Check around 0m10s - 0m35s (converted cartridge) and around 2m20s - 2m45s (N8 Pro) - the jitter should be apparent. If anyone else has a N8 Pro and a real/converted cart and wants to/can try to reproduce this, that'd be awesome. It's a relatively minor issue, but hopefully something that can be fixed! Thanks!

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