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EverDrive N8 / Re: EverDrive-N8 PRO bug reports.
« on: June 17, 2020, 11:54 PM »
Figured I'd try in here, since the topic I made about this isn't seeing much action. Thank you, Krikzz!

1. Graphical glitches in Metal Slader Glory (JP & EN translation patch). You can see it right away, during the introduction/opening.
2. Video & more details:
3. English patch: JP ROM should be in no-intro set.
4. N/A - visible in opening sequence
5. AV Famicom with NESRGB installed. Using Triad 9V 2A PSU. Video output to XRGB Frame Meister. OS Version is 2.07.
6. Checksums confirmed valid.
7. No PAL ROMs involved, not a region issue.

Just tried it again with a 9V 2A Triad PSU, and having the exact same problems.  :-[ I wonder if it's the NESRGB.

I don't think it has anything to do with the patch, honestly. It's happening on both the unpatched, original Japanese ROM, as well as the patched, English ROM. I also confirmed the checksum for both ROMs are correct.

I was searching around the forum and the broader Internet to try and get a sense of some possible reasons for random glitches with the N8, and one of the more common reasons seems to be insufficient power to the console. Fair enough, so I replaced the current PSU (9V 950mA) with a Sega MK-1602-1 (10V 1.2A), and I'm still getting glitches on both ROMs. You can see the video here: - I think the jitter might actually be worse with the Sega PSU.  ;D

I ordered a Triad PSU for unrelated reasons (I'm trying to upgrade to switching power supplies), and I will test again when that arrives, but, based on the fact that the Sega PSU didn't help (I tested it with my DMM, and the output is within spec), I don't think the Triad PSU is going to make any difference.

I'm not seeing the jitter at all on the converted cartridge. Maybe you have better eyesight than me? ;) I should've mentioned that the Japanese ROM doesn't jitter at all on the N8 Pro for me.

EverDrive N8 / Metal Slader Glory graphical glitches on N8 PRO
« on: June 04, 2020, 01:09 AM »

I picked up on some graphical glitches when playing the English patched ROM of Metal Slader Glory via the N8 Pro. The glitches don't seem to be reproducible when using a real Metal Slader Glory cart that has been converted to English. So far, they're most noticeable during the opening/intro sequence of the game, where you can see jitter in some of the text/graphical tiles. Since the jitter only happens on the N8 Pro, my feeling is that there is a glitch/bug happening somewhere.

I've uploaded a recording to Streamable, showing the opening/intro running on a N8 Pro, then a original cartridge that has been converted with English-patched ROMs. You can view it here: - Both carts were (obviously) running on the same setup: Nintendo A/V Famicom with a viletim RGB->gscart RGB switch->XRGB Framemeister->Micomsoft SC512N1 capture card. Check around 0m10s - 0m35s (converted cartridge) and around 2m20s - 2m45s (N8 Pro) - the jitter should be apparent. If anyone else has a N8 Pro and a real/converted cart and wants to/can try to reproduce this, that'd be awesome. It's a relatively minor issue, but hopefully something that can be fixed! Thanks!

Quick report back - confirmed expansion audio works by testing one of my NES conversions through the adapter on an AV Famicom.

One thing I am noticing is crazy audio buzzing, and I think it's due to the adapter. When I plug my N8 in, and run the same game off of that,  there's no audio buzz. Anyone have any ideas on what might be the cause?

Gave it another go, and I eventually got it working. You do need to cut the trace connecting pins 57 and 58 on the NES side of the adapter, otherwise MMC5 games will not work correctly. I verified this using L'Emperur (US). I haven't fully verified that expansion audio works, since I don't have a NES ED nor any NES carts wired to send expansion audio, but once I get something to test that with, I'll report back.

Lastly, some tips for soldering this up:
  • Use a ton of flux. That helped me a lot with the jumper/bodge wires to the edge connectors.
  • Use kapton or electrical tape to tape off the edge connectors, leaving only a small work area at the very top. You don't want to get solder all over the pins. This is bad, for a variety of reasons.
  • Run the jumper/bodge wires underneath the resistors. This will get you the shortest wire lengths to the edge connectors, and requires you to cut away less of the plastic shell to get the adapter closed back up.

Have fun, and thanks for all of the helpful information in this thread!

EverDrive N8 / Re: Nes (72-pin) to Famicom (60-pin) converter mod
« on: March 08, 2020, 12:53 AM »
Attempting this mod and wanted to clarify some things, since it seems like there's a lot of varying opinions/drection floating around:
  • Is it necessary to cut the trace connecting pins 57 and 58 on the NES side of the adapter? They're obviously connected, and I'm not sure if this matters, as it's not mentioned in OP, nor on, but a few people in this thread seem to indicate it must be cut.
  • Are the other various fixes applied by GagetUK needed if I am not using an Everdrive with the adapter? I have a Famicom Everdrive, and I only plan to use the modified adapter with original cartridges.

Lastly, any tips on soldering the jumper wires to the pins? I'm using 26AWG stranded wire, so it's not terribly huge, but I keep having issues with making clean joints, since I somehow always end up bridging the pins.  ::)

Thanks everyone!

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