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Problem With Some Sufami Turbo Games...
« on: January 18, 2019, 05:51 AM »
I cannot for my life seem to get the Gundam Sufami Turbo games to work on my PAL SD2SNES. It seems every time I start the battle it goes right to the Game Over screen and goes back to the menu.

And the Ultra Man Sufami Turbo series also has a weird glitch when the opponent uses a special attack it always crashes the game, I think the only time I managed to beat the final 4th boss before it reset back normally to the 1st opponent is when I used a pre-made trainer which had a hit anywhere code attached to it.

I have tried several roms of these one be it normal ones or the ones with the Bios but neither seem to fix this issue if anyone has a fixture of these and can provide me with the corrected ones it would be much appreciated - Richard
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