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Latest official beta from ikari (SGB & Save State support) (10th July 2021):

Latest Original SGB Firmware (17th August 2020):

FURiOUS Merged SGB & Save State Firmware (7th September 2020):

Nice! Thanks!  ;D

Does this mean all the unique boarders are now available to the SD2SNES? I remember a SGB2 rom but it only stayed at the blackout screen with the default boarder loading up.

Edit: Ah I see its the complete program when you find all the parts on the world wide web... well from my experience it seems pretty good when all parts are added but stuff is a bit buggy like the readme says. It's also a shame you cant interchange unique SGB boarders like how the Everdrive GB series was able to with non enhanced SGB games still though it's awesome I can finally experience the SGB2 for the 1st time as I only have the original one and cant wait to see future updates on this ^^

Interesting, though weird that it was uploaded anonymously.


--- Quote from: Greg2600 on June 22, 2020, 06:28 AM ---Interesting, though weird that it was uploaded anonymously.

--- End quote ---

Likely due to it being a beta and wont be updated on the official firmware for a while kind of like how Redguys SA-1 and SSD-1 files were not confirmed but betas were available for them.

Also this is likely the only way I will get to experience these games running at their normal non overlclocked speed outside of getting the physical SGB2 which would likely not work as its region locked on a PAL SNES, eventhough despite it not being able to use all available SGB enhanced roms which could keep the boarders after resetting the device I think it would be awesome if later updates to the firmware made it possible to run only GBC games on it now that it doesen't have those limitations or does it?

I presume if a reset button configuration is possible in the near future it may be possible to keep the boarder when changing to a new rom though unlike the EDGB series it would always revert back to the SD2SNES menu... now I think of it wouldn't it be cool if their was a glitch where the boarder would load up with the SD2SNES menu inside of it.

And lastly I think SD2SNES users who had the original versions will find this ugrade a lot easier to update GB roms on it as you wont need to ply out the SD card each and everytime thanks to the spring that was omitted in later FX PAK versions.


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