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Mega EverDrive / Re: mega-usb not working
« on: October 31, 2015, 02:25 AM »
Sorry, I could not see them earlier for some reason (could be my browser) but yes, Id believe your longer cable is fried.

Mega EverDrive / Re: mega-usb not working
« on: October 31, 2015, 01:51 AM »
I cant see the pictures but the cable is not a custom one. You can use a longer usb cable that fits it if you like.

Mega EverDrive / Re: mega-usb not working
« on: October 31, 2015, 12:38 AM »
If using windows 7, follow this and see if it helps.

EverDrive 64 / Re: controller pak data transfer
« on: October 27, 2015, 03:06 PM »

This is a technique to get saves off of the eep to the memory pak, so in theory it is possible :).

Welcome to the forums!

1. Yes, seperating roms into folders less than 100 each is a good idea so you dont have any issues while cycling through the menu, but I do believe that my EDGB has around 200 in some folders and I have not had an issue on my SP (have not tried on a DMG though).

2. I would use Kyle's Game Genie Guy program to patch the roms manually until Game Genie codes are confirmed to work on the EDGB. Here is a link

News / Re: ED64 OS v2.10
« on: October 10, 2015, 04:40 AM »
Thanks for such a massive update! I was really suprised to see how fast saving was for the 64DD games :).

I had a question, is it possible to have the 64DD conversions linked to the RTC of the ED64 V3? Doshin the Giant has a game breaking glitch where if you save, reset your console, and load your save, you cannot complete the next day. This happens when you load the game at a time before the last save (Ex. if the RTC said you saved on 1/2/15, you reset the console and the RTC says you loaded the save on 1/1/15).

I would assume it would be hard because the conversions probably remap some important info and the roms might need hacking. Besides disk-swapping (which is probably near impossible without using a pc), that would be one of the last accomplishments that would allow the preservation of DD consoles and games alike.

Due to popular demand, here it is

It's still not working on ED64 V3 (Why does it work on ED64 V2 but not ED64 V3?)

Does it not load on the V3 or does it freeze? I plan to upgrade in the near future but only have a V2 to test with.

EverDrive 64 / Re: How to Play Super Mario 64 Hacks on the ED64!
« on: September 16, 2015, 07:29 AM »
Hi! sorry for bumping such an old thread, but has anyone figured out how to fix the texture problem on sm74,return to retroland etc..?

Quite honestly, besides macN64 finding out how to fix the scanline issue, no one has really dug deep into why some textures are missing. I would love to do some research myself but lack the debugging skills required. And Vertrex has since disapeared from the site since his initial findings.

Turbo EverDrive / Re: When will V2 be back in stock?
« on: September 16, 2015, 07:22 AM »
PS another suggestion that can work: with TG-16 and any expansion added to it other than TurboCD, consider replacing the stock 7805 regulator with one rated for 1.5A.  TurboCD has a couple regulators inside and can supply extra power without any problem.

So if I hooked up my tg16 with my turbocd, would a v2 work with no issues? If that is the case I would not mind buying a second hand TED v2.

EverDrive 64 / Re: Cannot get Everdrive 64 v2 to boot
« on: September 15, 2015, 06:38 PM »
N64 CIC chips are DIN, right? It may be a good idea to solder a socket into there in case you ever need to switch between chips. I'm not sure if it would fit into the cartridge, though. Anyone know?
If you could get ahold of the ultracic which is designed to work on both NTSC and PAL N64's, you could just solder that sucker in there and not worry about swapping chips. But idk if they are available for individual purchase as I know that it is now an option to buy a ED64 with one installed.

I ended up going to and buying a dozen real games (it was cheap - xbox games don't hold value) to add to the few I had bought new, and said good enough.

You ever been at their retail shop? It's like a warehouse of video games bout a hour away from where I live.

No, Paul, I haven't. You're in Maryland? Virginia? Can't remember. I'm in the middle of WV but grew up in the eastern panhandle, not far from Frederick MD. We probably have a lot of common cultural baggage. Check out this playlist:

I will say, everything I've ever bought from estarland has been in top-notch condition, or else I was informed what to expect otherwise. The Xbox games I bought were all in-the-box, with manuals, no scratches. I've bought some GBA carts there before too and the ones I bought in-box were in very nice condition. The 'no-box' carts were a mixed-bag, a few had initials on them in sharpie marker, I remember one for sure had a torn label ... but all work 100%.

Im in Maryland, less than 20 miles from Frederick in the town of Poolesville, boardering Leesburg, VA. Estarland does a damn good job cleaning the carts unlike many retailers and resellers, but you definately pay more for it. And while some of their select pieces are a little over the market price, they sometimes have some hidden gems for cheap. They have a great trade in value for inventory as well (proabably to counter higher prices) and crazy trade events that I want to check out sometime soon.

Sorry to have highjacked this thread Tony, but I can sell you a modded xbox card for cheap if you still really aspire to mod it and swap hard drives. I have not done that myself but do ftp a game at a time or burn games until I eventually get a good hard drive for cheap.

Btw, that playlist made me laugh! Definately remember some of those 90's ads when I was young. Gonna show to my older bro to see if he gets a kick out of it. If you have spare time around February, come to Magfest at the National Harbor. Ill buy you a beer :)!

I ended up going to and buying a dozen real games (it was cheap - xbox games don't hold value) to add to the few I had bought new, and said good enough.

You ever been at their retail shop? It's like a warehouse of video games bout a hour away from where I live.

Could you send me a pm aswell? :)

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Yessir ;)!

EverDrive 64 / Re: ED64 Mods?
« on: September 11, 2015, 05:30 PM »
What surprises me the most is the 33 watchers on this item!

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