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EverDrive GB / Change colors in menu
« on: January 05, 2019, 12:05 AM »
Hi, just to ask, is possible change the colors in the everdrive menus with a hexadecimal editor? I want invert the actual background for a white one with black texts, I think it will be more visible in gb and gbc with his original screens

And which parameter need change?

EverDrive GBA / My suggestions on ED
« on: June 04, 2017, 12:53 PM »
Hi, after spending some weeks with my everdrive gba, this is my request for an update firmware, I don't know if all are possible but these are:

1. Order alphabetical the games
2. Option to turn led of cartridge off or become it dim.
3. Write the saves to the sd with each boot instead at change of game.
4.Favorites List.

I hear that everdrive has the ability to detect when the battery gone dry, maybe an message like this will be more useful just to remember to the noobs like me:

Battery has gone dry! Turn off the console and change the battery, you can continue but some saves may be lost.

I know that things like the alphabetical order can be fixed with fat sorter or coping again, but it will be better if the OS do the job.

Soft Reset and Sleep Mode


EverDrive GBA / Reset your Everdrive Gba
« on: May 21, 2017, 06:00 PM »
I made a reset for my gameboy advance sp, but you need to made some modifications, in the motherboard in the side where the buttons are, near the A button, there is a tiny pad with the word "reset"  you need to solder a wire to this pad and another wire to any gnd (ground)  both to an switch. and adapt it to your gba sp shell, I recommend a button like the ones used in the L,R buttons to just press once.

Or in my case, I never use the second level of bright, so I connected reset wire to the level bright button, this button already have the gnd, but you need to cut the line that activate the higher bright to avoid the gba changes the bright each time you press that button(now converted to reset)
here you don't need to do any modification to your shell.

Tested on gba ags 101

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