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Im using an american ntsc snes, with ntsc roms.
The system information shows PAL and the games runs slow.

Is this soley a TV issue? or can it be someother part?
Ive tried 3 different TVs but they have all been 50/60hz ones.


Very odd, the SNES isn't modded or anything? Do PAL games run ok?

They run... not sure if they run fine... Should they run?

Ive recently got a hold of this concole so im not aware of the history.

They should run but there may be graphical glitches on an NTSC system, and they may possibly run too fast. Some games might run fine though, you might have to try several games and see if you spot anything odd.
Oh yeah, try NTSC versions of Return of Double Dragon and Super Double Dragon. I remember that one of those glitched on my PAL SNES, but should of course work fine on NTSC. If there are black artifacts on the ground, your SNES might be a PAL in disguise.

I don't think the TV has anything to do with this.

Try this ROM: snes-printver
It should display the region and the 3 chip versions of your SNES (I didn't make this ROM).

I tired Super Double Dragon, runs without black artifacts but runs very slow as are all ntsc games....
Couldnt download that test rom, system dosent like it.


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