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EverDrive GBA / EDGBA X5 Battery/RTC Questions (New info in OP)
« on: October 17, 2020, 09:07 PM »
So I just recently picked up an Everdrive X5 off ebay, and I've been learning a lot about some of the nuances of the RTC.  It's an older model (Rev. B), as I wanted to avoid any of the current manufacturing issues that are being ironed out.

I started a game of Pokémon Emerald, and I used Boktai to set the date of the RTC.  From the reading I've been doing, it's probably a good idea to use Boktai any time I start a new game on anything that uses the RTC, since Boktai allows you to set the date along w/ the time. Would this be accurate to say?

Also, how does swapping the ED's battery or it dying effect the RTC for games like Pokémon Emerald.  I have a cartridge for emerald, and I recently replaced it's battery (as it's been dead for a while), but I'm guessing due to some discrepancies with the save file and RTC, Berries no longer grow for me on the official cart.  I'd like to avoid this on the ED if possible, so should I just use Boktai to set the date/time any time the battery is swapped?

Also, the easiest question, what type of battery does the EDGBA use?

Thanks for any info anyone can provide. 

Quote from: dav3yb
I'm adding this here to give a bit of clarification on what I discovered in my testing:

Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire: When starting a new game on any of these games, even the later revisions which claim to fix the berry glitch, they will start a NEW clock file, and off-set it by the time you input in game.  If you want the clock to be accurate to IRL time, set the clock to only 1 or 2 minutes past midnight in game (or however many minutes it shows on your in-game playtime stats, if you wandered a bit).  Once you've set the clock, save the game, then you can go into Boktai and you can adjust the date and time (which will be set to 1/1/2000, and ~00:02 am roughly) to the correct IRL time.  This will cause Ruby/Sapphire to update to the current time.

Pokemon Emerald:  Emerald act's a bit different, in that it will only adjust the TIME of the RTC file, and will not adjust the date when a new save file is created.  It will simply pull the date that is already present.  Best practice for Emerald is to use Boktai to set the correct Date and Time, then, when you're in Emerald, simply set the time to the current IRL time, and the Date/Time will match IRL. 

I hope this makes a few things a bit more clear for anyone searching for the information. 

EverDrive N8 / Error with samsung SD cards? (Error 63 and 65)
« on: October 19, 2014, 11:31 PM »
So I got an NES Everdrive N8 recently, and i've finally gotten the chance to set it up in a case and play it.  I have several 8gb Samsung SD cards that i bought for general things, including the everdrive, but i've run into some issues with them.  I think its isolated to the SD card, since another one seems to work perfectly.

This is the SD card i've got.  They come with an adapter, and I'm currently using one in my Everdrive 64 without issues thusfar.  I've attempted to format the cards in different ways, all of them FAT32, with various allocation sizes to no avail.  I've only copied the files over in Windows 7, no external file copy program. 

The OS loads up just fine initially, but after attempting to load a game, it returns an IO Error.  I got a couple different ones, 63 and 65 i think were the main ones.  And the error continued after attempting to reset the system.  I had to do a full power cycle to get it to return to the OS menu.  This happens with 2 different SD cards, although they are exactly the same.

I currently have a Kingston SD card, 4GB, in right now, which i formatted with all default values and copies the OS and games over the exact same way, and it appears to work fine. 

I'm curious if there are any suggestions to get the Samsung Cards working, or what might cause the error messages im getting to be returned. 

Thanks for the help! 

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