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so I bought an SD2SNES Pro back in Fall 2019, been patiently waiting for save states in the unofficial firmware. so I downloaded it from here  version 1.10.3-frs-v12. when I go into the sd2snes pro menu, no options regarding save states...

I don't know what the FXpak pro is but is it not the same build as the sd2snes pro? or have you already obsoleted the cartridge I bought

edit: managed to fix the issue, it turns out the theme i was using for some reason does not show the new options. been testing it and and it works fantastic! i was formerly using the nakitek game saver to use save states and this is much faster. great work guys!

FXPAK (SD2SNES) / Experiencing an incredibly buggy sd2snes pro.
« on: November 15, 2019, 02:45 AM »
Hey guys, so I've been gaming on my sd2snes pro on my 1chip-02 super famicom. I cannot say I've been impressed since I am experiencing a ton of issues. My setup: super famicom 1chip-02, ossc, portta hdmi2vga adapter, sony trinitron vga pc crt monitor, nakitek gamesaver.

sd2snes pro standalone issues:
1. chrono trigger freezing / blacking out.
2. weird audio glitches in grand poo world 2 rom hack (could be the rom hack but I havn't seen it before in other people's playing)
3. when I used my 64gb sandisk card, I was getting SOOO many freezes audio glitches, everything. barely anything was playable. The 128gb off brand card was performing better.

sd2snes pro w/ nakitek game saver issues:
audio in games cutoff a few seconds after loading a level, even if i havn't used the save state function.

things i've tried:
1. cleaning the pins with isopropyl alcohol & q tips.
2. ive tried real sfc cartridges with the nakitek gamesaver and did not experience the same issues.
3. ive used 2 different sd cards, a 64 gb sandisk and a 128gb off brand sd card. in all honest the 64gb sandisk card had even MORE issues (freezing, audio glitches)

i'm really bummed out, because all I wanted to do was play some kaizo mario games with save states. should I just order a normal sd2snes at this point? I read that it actually has unofficial firmware with save states implemented... -_-

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