Author Topic: X5, SMW ROM hacks freeze after starting (known to work on Everdrive)  (Read 894 times)

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First let me say I'm no expert here so correct me if I'm wrong about anything. I have several ROM hacks that will start from the menu and display the nintendo logo, and then freeze at a black screen. If anyone has any ideas I'm all ears. Every vanilla title I've tried with it worked, same for about 1/4 of the hacks. All of these are Super Mario World hacks from and were moderated, and I'm pretty sure the problem isn't with the hacks:

-They don't use enhancement chips
-were patched with clean ROMs using FLIPS - I tried 2
-dont use the old music tool that breaks on console
-all have worked for the playthroughs I could find from players using console
-all didn't freeze with Higan
For the playthroughs I could find videos of, the players used either SD2SNES/FXPAK or a hacked super NT though.

AFAIK these games should work on the Everdrive if they work on FXPAK and don't use enhancements.
I reached out to someone who posted on a forum on smwcentral about using an everdrive for SMW hacks- they were kind enough to test 3 hacks that froze for me on their everdrive and they worked without freezing. They owned an Everdrive V2, not X5, though. These are the hacks:
El Dorado
Grand Poo World

If anyone has successfully played these with X5 or is willing to patch and test them, please let me know. I couldn't find any references of trying them on an Everdrive X5, so I'm curious to know if this would happen on another setup.

I'm using a Super Famicom that I bought which had it's power port replaced with a US SNES port, using an original SNES power supply. The power supply has a slightly loose cover. Idk if that would cause issue since the SNES and SFC power supplies output the same, however I don't know what else may have been changed without my knowledge. And since the Everdrive plays games around the same size (2-4MB) I don't think it's related to the cart's power consumption.

Some things I've tried are reformatting the SD card (SanDisk 8gb) with the program from the SDA website, patching to both headered and headerless ROMs and adding/removing headers for the patched result. I would like to rule out a problem with my console, but I have no way of trying it on another console without buying one, unfortunately.
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I am the guy who tested those hacks(and Ive played plenty of other SMW and non-SMW hacks) and they do indeed play on my super everdrive v2(legit one). I have PAL snes with the superCIC board + in game reset (switchless 50/60hz and region switching) and original power brick.

EDIT: heres video proof them working on real hardware/my setup
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