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Sometimes when playing my GBA Everdrive (which for whatever reason is already giving me a warning about the battery has run dry and RTC resets to default; surely it shouldn't be doing that already?) the screen will freeze and turn the screen dim (or even give me the Red Screen of Death) forcing me to reset.  I suspect that it's the Game Boy Player connector's fault and needs to be cleaned.  Problem is, how do you do that without taking it apart (I really am not comfortable with taking it apart if it can at all be avoided).  I'm afraid that one day the dimmed screen of death might happen in the middle of saving a game and cause the save and/or SD card and/or Everdrive cartridge to get ruined 😞  That is why on a disc based console they warn big time not to touch the memory card or power button while saving, right?

Hi, I got a Super DSTwo hoping to use it like an Everdrive for the DSi-XL (I'm not interested in using it on a 3DS because 3DS games would take up too much space on the SD card and won't Nintendo brick your 3DS if they catch you with pirated software on it, like they did for the Pokemon games?).  Anyway, i've tried making this work just like various websites say so but all I get is quite literally a blue screen of death (it reads NO FIND SYSTEM FILES). :(  What am I doing wrong?

I was just redoing the rosters on Ken Griffey Jr Presents MLB and I tried to start a new season and the game glitched/crashed...what's wrong?

So I recently discovered that the SD2SNES has a soft reset feature where if you hold down L+R+Select and then press X you'll be taken back to the menu screen.  Certainly better than having to reset the "hard way"!  Do the other Everdrives have a soft reset feature of some sort also?

Here is what I mean, I was trying to have Metroid Zero Mission from the Everdrive (on my Game Boy Player) connected to Metroid Fusion (real cartridge, on GBA SP) but whenever I do the connectivity (to unlock the Fusion gallery in Zero Mission) I keep getting a connection error.  Does the Everdrive not allow this yet or do I need a new cable?

So I got an Ultra Everdrive 64 v3 from Stone Age Gamer (where I also got all my other Everdrives) and for whatever reason when I turn it on all I get is a black screen :(  I tried two sd cards already and I put in the ED64 folder downloaded from SAG exactly like I'm supposed to...what am I doing wrong?  I mean this is supposed to be the best N64 everdrive yet it won't work at all :(  I live in the US by the way.

So the GBA Everdrive can run GBC games using the Goomba emulator (with SGB border also)...but is it just as accurate as if you play GBC games on a GB-Everdrive?

So I finally got my GBA Everdrive, and YES you can use a 128GB microSD card (Kingston is recommended by Stone Age Gamer)...just make sure it's FAT32 formated first!  So anyway, no matter how much I try to do it manually, I can't quite get the files to stay sorted right (I think for some reason the Everdrive OS sorts the files/folders by modification date instead of alphabetically)...Krikzz I would appreciate it so much if you could update the OS so it sorts the files/folders alphabetically like the other Everdrives.  It kinda drives me nuts that I can't get the files on their sorted!

Off Topic / Would a DS Everdrive be possible in the near future?
« on: August 17, 2016, 12:54 PM »
So far I've gotten the N8, SD2SNES, and Mega Everdrives (and hopefully soon the GB/GBC and N64 ones) and I must say they are awesome.  That being said though, I was just wondering if a DS Everdrive is possible in the near future?

I most definitely want at least the GBA Everdrive X5 once it becomes reasonably available...but apparently there's going to be an even better X7 version?  What will it have that the X5 doesn't?

After all, like Gomer Pyle says in that poker hustler episode, I want the best! ;D

EverDrive 64 / Can you use 64GB sd cards in the Everdrive 64?
« on: August 08, 2016, 09:25 PM »
I was thinking of getting the N64 Everdrive at some point but my complete N64 rom collection is 40.5GB (there's a place you can download complete rom sets in one download, much easier that way) so a 32GB card won't cut it.  So can a N64 use a 64GB card?

Also what's the biggest sd card you can use in the upcoming GBA Everdrive?

I was trying out some of the BS games on my SD2SNES and I was trying to play BS Super Mario Collection 3 on my SD2SNES but I can't get it past the title/controller configuration do I start the actual game?  The other BS games seem to start up okay though...

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