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Hi guys, look this is nothing new as this has been brought to the public's attention quite a few times on this forum but I thought I might just add a list of Master System games that don't run on the X7 one final time as i've recently discovered more titles that don't boot properly.

Also i'm wondering: can anybody that owns a Mega EverDrive Pro please confirm if any of these games still don't work on the Pro? It would be very interesting to get feedback from the community on this one.

Games that don't work on the Mega EverDrive X7 with latest firmware.

1. Sega Chess = Black Screen nothing
2. The Lion King = Can't actually play the game as it haults to an endless black screen after the title screen.
3. The Jungle Book = It resets itself back to the title screen after defeating the snake boss in stage 2, so you can never actually play it properly unless you use the stage select cheat.
4. Pitfighter = You get approximately one second into the game and then it crashes each and every time.
5. Krusty's Fun House = It crashes after the title screen over and over again. Unplayable
6. James Bond 007 = Same as Pitfighter, it crashes seconds upon boot up.
7. Super Space Invaders = Constantly loops the opening text over and over so you're never able to actually get into the actual game.
8. Street Fighter II = Now this one is a Tectoy exclusive and even this game doesn't run properly, once you finish a round it decides to crash.

Now there might be other titles that have issues that i'm not aware of yet but these are the one's I found. Would be very interesting to see if these games still have the same problem with the Pro or whether they were fixed.

If we examine the games upon careful inspection it is discovered that they are all western Master System releases not developed or published by Sega Enterprises Ltd Japan. Sega only licensed these titles to play on the SMS (usually in Europe and Brazil) so maybe there's something the X7 doesn't like about the programming of these western PAL Master System releases? Also to note that about 2 or 3 of them were programmed by the great Dominic Wood who first worked for Probe Software and then left to form Syrox Developments.

I personally own The Lion King, The Jungle Book, Pitfighter and Sega Chess on actual single carts and they run perfectly on the Mega Drive when using the Master System/Power Base Converter but the other ones I have no other way of playing them. Shouldn't matter whether I own them or not as single games they should all be working but I don't blame Krikkz for this as he could never guarentee that every single game was going to work 100% on his products.

I know everybody is concentrating on the Mega EverDrive Pro and all the issues surrounding that at the moment but my issue is more about finding working PAR or Game Genie codes for PAL versions of games where USA versions also exist.

Can anyone out there help with this one game, all I can ever find is the Genesis NTSC Game Genie cheats for this game but they don't work with the PAL ROM. Forget ''Mazin Saga - Mutant Fighter'' (U) we need working invincible and infinite lives codes for the PAL (Europe) ROM. Mazin Wars.

It's getting really annoying when the community only focuses on the American versions of games, not everyone around the world has a Genesis, as you would suspect, i'm in a PAL region using 50Hz I have a PAL collection of games and everytime I go to look up cheats for Mega Drive/Genesis games unless they're (W) world ROMS or they're from PAL exclusive releases the codes seem to be only for the Genesis NTSC ROMS which are not the same as the PAL versions.

I'm not angry at anybody personally about this, just very frustrated with the situation on how we're all expected to just throw out our PAL games and start all over again with NTSC 60Hz ones. That's not how the world works, we need to start accepting all regions and not leaving out certain ones for the garbage.

By the way the same Game Genie codes for ''Mazin Saga - Mutant Fighter'' (U) do not work with ''Mazin Wars (E)

These codes do not work with the PAL ROM only the Genesis NTSC ROM.

AV8A-CA7Y   017CB4:6004 = Infinite Lives
AK2A-CA7C  0170A2:6002
A4HA-CA2C  018E02:6006 = Invincible For The Bosses

surely someone out there knows a few codes that work with the PAL version?

Hi all, just thought i'd bring this to attention:

I have for a while now updated my Mega Ever Drive X7 to Krikkz's newest os build with the SMS FM core by Necronomfive and I just browsed by the Mega Man game today and decided to go into the rom from the menu and was shocked to discover that all I got was a black screen? The original (Europe) version of the game won't load? Yet the patched (U) version and (J) versions work perfectly fine? The Sega logo boots when I load the USA or Jap versions but not the Europe version. I have a un-modified PAL Sega Mega Drive model 1 console running at my native 50Hz, I don't care for 60Hz so nobody better tell me to get it modified for 60Hz because that's not happening, there's nothing wrong with 50Hz. The game used to boot on the older os updates because I remember trying it and it booted but now on the current and newest os update the game doesn't boot it seems? On a good note, the other strange thing is that I can now use the in-game menu and snap save without Mega Man The Wily Wars glitching, (providing I use the USA patched Sram rom or the Japanese rom). Now I could have sworn the game never used to work correctly when bringing up the in-game menu feature, it would give me a blue screen and be frozen.

I am aware the (E) Europe original rom of Megaman The Wily Wars uses EEPROM, but this was never a problem with the older os updates for the X7

The SRAM (U) patched rom works perfectly fine, as long as I turn the mega key function to ON, as does the (J) Jap rom (Rockman Megaworld). The point is my machine is PAL 50Hz, and the (E) Europe rom should be working more than the other two (seeing as the other two are from 60Hz regions). Yes, I have downloaded the (E) rom from different sites making sure that it's not a dud rom and have changed the files from MD to bin and they all meet the same fate, no boot, no Sega logo or Capcom logo. Tried changing the settings in the Mega Ever Drive and still get a black screen? Very strange behaviour.

My question is this: Has anybody else noticed this recently or is it just a problem i'm having? It's cool if no one can provide a solution because I don't really care for this game but it bothers me even the slightest when a Mega Drive game (no matter how shitty or a sports title it is doesn't work on the Mega Ever Drive X7 V2).

One thing that bothers me about the patch for SRAM save: Why when applying this IPS patch to the (E) Europe rom does it automatically change the rom's region to USA and block the game from working in PAL? I don't like how the patch hijacks the European version of the game and makes it unplayable in it's own region unless the Mega Key is turned on. Check it out yourself in an emulator, make sure it's set to (Europe)

Why is this particular game so problematic? If it's not booting up issues, it's saving issues. There are more threads on this game than anything else.

Hello there, i'm new to this forum but have owned a Mega EverDrive flash cart for just over 2 years now. I have read similar posts on here about others stating that the Mega EverDrive has problems playing a few Master System games, well I would like to add to that list as I frequently play alot of Master System games through my Mega Drive on the Mega EverDrive cart and have come across a few others that don't play that I would like to post here as a reference for the future and hope that maybe one day it will be fixed.

1. The Jungle Book (1993) this title plays perfectly until you reach the third level in the game which is the bonus stage that has you running along the marching elephants, for whatever reason, this level won't load and as soon as level 2 is finished which is the one Mowgli is climbing a tree and defeats the snake boss, after the score screen you're greeted with a grey screen for a few seconds and then the game automatically resets itself back to the title screen. This isn't a problem for me really because I own the original cartridge and the original cartridge plays flawlessly on the Master System converter for mega Drive which I also own.

2. Super Space Invaders (1993) I read a post of someone saying that this game doesn't play on the mega EverDrive cart, well I can confirm that he or she is right! Super Space Invaders keeps looping constantly on the very first screen which has scrolling text, this screen keeps repeating itself and we never get to the title screen at all. Again, not a problem for me personally as I own the regular cartridge in which it plays perfectly on the Master System converter.

3. Sega Chess (1991) How many of us are actually going to play a game of chess on here ay? Well it may not be a popular game by any standards but none the less it still has to be mentioned for reference sake. Sega Chess will not boot at all, after pressing button to go into the game rom, the screen quickly flashes (as it always does when booting into Master System mode) and then nothing! A blank screen! The first thing we should see is a knight holding a flag but this never happens. Once again not a problem for me as I own the regular cartridge and can confirm that the regular cartridge works perfectly on the Master System converter.

4. The Lion King (1994) Now sadly this is one game I really wanted to try out on the Master System but the Mega EverDrive refuses to play it. Now on this one, the game boots up and we see the title screen but as soon as the first level loads up, the screen goes pitch black again like Sega Chess and we never get to actually play the game. This game I don't own on a single cart and I only own the Mega Drive version so I guess i'm gonna have to go on ebay and try and track the game down on a single cart and case for my collection.

5. F-16 Fighter: But everybody knows this one won't play on any Mega Drive or Genesis even without the Mega EverDrive cart as it is a fault with the actual game. I just thought i'd mention it here.

Off the top of my head I can recall that these titles won't play correctly if the Mega Drive/Genesis console is hooked up to a Mega-CD/SEGA-CD add-on while using the Mega EEverDrive flash cart:

1. Black Belt
2. World Grand Prix
3. The Addams Family
4. Fantasy Zone
5. Ghost House

what happens is the C button on a Mega Drive controller which is mapped at button 2 on a Master System controller won't respond properly, for instance, in Black Belt instead of throwing a kick by pressing C button, he turns the other way and crouches instead. Just remember to unhook your MD/Genesis from the Mega-CD/SEGA-CD attachment if you're thinking of playing these titles.

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