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EverDrive 64 / Game not designed for this system - Discussion
« on: April 08, 2017, 09:24 AM »
This topic was discussed a little bit here, here, and here

Basically, some games implement checks that read the value stored at 0x80000300 and display a screen saying the cartridge was not designed for this system. Some games have a check to block the console but don't display an error message (as an example - Majora's Mask JP has a check, doesn't display an error message, but hangs at a black screen after the Nintendo 64 logo if you try and run it in 50 hz mode).

There's a Brazilian Portuguese translation for Majora's Mask that uses the N64 PAL rom, and I've just recently broken on the PAL Rev A rom. You can find the ported translation here:
MM (T-BR)(Projeto BR)(1.1)(Aroenai).zip (use the "Legend of Zelda, The - Majora's Mask (Europe) (En,Fr,De,Es) (Rev A).z64" Big Endian rom)

Now, while I haven't been successful with the Australian version of Beetle Adventure Racing (HSV Adventure Racing), I think I've narrowed down the location of the check to 0x8005ADB4. Maybe someone else can trace the asm that reads from 0x80000300 and figure out what it's doing?

Created by Aroenai
with help from Ozidual

If you're selling flash carts with these rom patches, you're doing so against the author's wishes.

Here's a list of patches for The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask Gamecube roms that should revert all of the cosmetic changes, emulation related changes, bugs/glitches, and various censorship changes.

Patch Download Links:

Use Floating IPS to apply the patch to the untouched Big Endian (.z64) roms.

Ocarina of Time - Master Quest:
Legend of Zelda, The - Ocarina of Time - Master Quest (USA) (GameCube Edition).z64- Updated 4-1-17
CRC32: C744C4DB    SHA-1: 8B5D13AAC69BFBF989861CFDC50B1D840945FC1D
Legend of Zelda, The - Ocarina of Time - Master Quest (Europe) (GameCube Edition).z64- Updated 4-1-17
CRC32: 832D6449    SHA-1: F46239439F59A2A594EF83CF68EF65043B1BFFE2
Zelda no Densetsu - Toki no Ocarina GC Ura (Japan) (GameCube Edition).z64- Updated 4-1-17
CRC32: 122FF261    SHA-1: DD14E143C4275861FE93EA79D0C02E36AE8C6C2F
Ocarina of Time:
Legend of Zelda, The - Ocarina of Time (USA) (GameCube Edition).z64- Updated 4-1-17
CRC32: 346DE3AE    SHA-1: B82710BA2BD3B4C6EE8AA1A7E9ACF787DFC72E9B
Legend of Zelda, The - Ocarina of Time (Europe) (GameCube Edition).z64- Updated 4-1-17
CRC32: 3FBD519F    SHA-1: 0227D7C0074F2D0AC935631990DA8EC5914597B4
Zelda no Densetsu - Toki no Ocarina - Zelda Collection Version GC (Japan).z64- Uploaded 4-1-17
CRC32: 8C5B90C1    SHA-1: 2CE2D1A9F0534C9CD9FA04EA5317B80DA21E5E73
Debug Rom:
Legend of Zelda, The - Ocarina of Time - Master Quest (USA) (Debug Edition).z64- Updated 4-1-17
CRC32: 62F92704    SHA-1: 50BEBEDAD9E0F10746A52B07239E47FA6C284D03 Uncompressed Compressed††

Functioning Language menu has been restored under the Options menu thanks to ozidual (English, German, and French selectable)
†† Compressed patch will reduce the size of the unpatched rom from 64 MB to 32 MB, like the commercial roms.

Majora's Mask:
Legend of Zelda, The - Majora's Mask (USA) (GameCube Edition).z64- Updated 4-9-18
CRC32: B008458F    SHA-1: 9743AA026E9269B339EB0E3044CD5830A440C1FD
Legend of Zelda, The - Majora's Mask (Europe) (GameCube Edition).z64- Updated 4-9-18
CRC32: 12836E19    SHA-1: A849A65E56D57D4DD98B550524150F898DF90A9F
Zelda no Densetsu - Mujura no Kamen (Japan) (GameCube Edition).z64- Updated 4-9-18
CRC32: B9BF76DF    SHA-1: 1438FD501E3E5B25461770AF88C02AB1E41D3A7E

Functioning Language menu has been restored under the Options menu thanks to ozidual (English, German, French, and Spanish selectable)
Original Gameshark code for reference:
Code: [Select]
MM GC PAL - Must be on
F1080248 2400
F1096E80 2400
FF050000 0000

Change language to English - 1, German - 2, French - 3, or Spanish - 4
801E93C2 000?

Bonus Patches:

Legend of Zelda, The - Ocarina of Time (USA) (Rev B).z64* - Updated 4-1-17
CRC32: 32120C23    SHA-1: 41B3BDC48D98C48529219919015A1AF22F5057C2
Legend of Zelda, The - Majora's Mask (USA).z64** - Uploaded 8-14-17
CRC32: B428D8A7    SHA-1: D6133ACE5AFAA0882CF214CF88DABA39E266C078
Legend of Zelda, The - Majora's Mask (Europe) (En,Fr,De,Es) (Rev A).z64*** - Updated 8-14-17
CRC32: E2E6823D    SHA-1: BB4E4757D10727C7584C59C1F2E5F44196E9C293
Ocarina of Time - Master Quest - Brazilian Portuguese Translation:
Legend of Zelda, The - Ocarina of Time - Master Quest (USA) (GameCube Edition).z64 - Updated 10-2-16
CRC32: C744C4DB    SHA-1: 8B5D13AAC69BFBF989861CFDC50B1D840945FC1D
Zelda Collection Version (J)****:
Zelda no Densetsu - Toki no Ocarina GC (Japan) (GameCube Edition).z64
CRC32: 1C6CE8CB    SHA-1: 0769C84615422D60F16925CD859593CDFA597F84

* This patch will revert censorship changes made in v1.2, ie. Fire Temple music, Ganondor's blood. Will also add 2x text, cow nose ring, and Stone of Agony changes
** Fixes a bug specific to the original USA release that prevents some sounds from playing, thanks Ozidual!
*** Patch to match the features above for PAL 50 hz players. Does not remove the console region protection. Does now!
**** The Japanese Zelda Collection rom is fairly uncommon, this patch updates the normal OoT rom from the Japanese Master Quest disc to the untouched Zelda Collection version.

Changes for OoT and MM:
  • Restore the original A, B, and Start colors (HUD, pause menu, selection cursors, text boxes, Ocarina musical staff, etc.)
  • Change references from "L" back to "Z" in all textures and game text
  • Change references from "tilt"/"use" back to "press" for the C buttons*
  • Restore the Cow's nose ring (was censored prior to release; present in OoT 3DS, and in MM J 1.0/1.1 for one cutscene as an easter egg)
  • Restore the N64 boot logo (now with properly animated Nintendo text!)
  • Restore the missing PAL Language select menu
  • Expand the name entry screen for PAL roms (adds additional accented characters & a caps-lock button)
  • Restore the no-controller text
  • Optional No Anti-aliasing patch (second patch ending in "_no-aa")
Changes for OoT:
  • Fix the ending credits crash (Gamecube streamed a video from the disc in place of in-game rendered cutscenes)
  • Restore the missing Game Saved screen
  • 2x text speed for international text (Japanese text is significantly faster originally: this was addressed similarly in the MM international releases)
  • Correct odd Z-Targeting character used in the text referencing jumping/rolling from heights
  • Utilize the Expansion Pak for speed improvements and to address the "Hyrule Field" actor spawning bug (iQue version reference: ), also allows for disabling the low quality distance models
  • Restore the original Gerudo Symbol in all locations
  • Restore the original Fire Temple music from v1.0/1.1
  • Restore Ganondorf's censored blood
  • Stone of Agony responds to all hidden chests (expected flags are not set)
  • Fix for Master Quest bugged door in the Water Temple (resulted in an unused small key originally)
  • Map Select translated text (requires Gameshark code to activate)
  • Replaced blurry comma character with the edited texture from MM
  • Recreate the missing header for Room 120, and fix GPU bugs in the Beta Castle Courtyard - Debug rom only
  • Fix crash in Scene 01 of Zora's Fountain (unused, but accessible using Beta Quest/Map Select)
Changes for MM:
  • Re-enable music for the end credits (similar to OoT but they streamed the music since the cutscenes change based on game events)
  • Restore the original 4th heart piece collection sound from the Japanese release (matches OoT)
  • English text has been massively overhauled (correct transposed control characters and missing Japanese/N64 PAL sounds, remove mixed silver and white text added in the GC text, save and return to the Dawn of the First Day text did not color cycle, incorrect text coloring throughout the script)
  • Replaced the N64 PAL v1.0 text used on the GC release with the N64 PAL v1.1 text and combined translation corrections from the PAL Virtual Console release for German, French, and Spanish*
  • Change references from "L" to "Z" in the Japanese text**
  • Restore Skull Kid's original face
  • Restore the PAL Language selection screen (comes up when there is no save file present)
  • Include the fixed Japanese v1.1 Goht awakening cutscene (Link gets run over in JP v1.0, USA v1.0, and PAL 1.x)
  • Restored the Bomber Kid's location from N64 JP on top of the Stock Pot Inn during the hide & seek mini-game (no longer awkwardly falls off the roof right away)
  • Restored N64 USA/PAL Goron Link camera height for opening chests (this had been reverted to N64 JP for the GC releases)
  • Fix incorrect screen transition for the 1st cycle when entering Termina Field during the day from the Astral Observatory (incorrectly set to fade in from white)
  • Restored N64 USA/PAL Skulll Kid's scream volume during the top of the Clocktower cutscene
  • Correct the typos for "Dinofols" -> "Dinolfos" & "Wizrobe" -> "Wizzrobe" for all languages (present in the original)
  • Correct the incorrect message box type for Tingle's maps
  • Prevent the roms from crashing when injected in Wii Virtual Console
  • Restore the original Japanese Deku Palace gardens/bean seller route (based on JP 1.1)
  • Correct the translation for "Circus Leader's Mask" -> "Troupe Leader's Mask" (based on MM 3DS; English only for now)
  • Correct Options menu texture placements (USA GC)
  • Re-add text for cut Great Fairy cutscene, Bomber's text for Fierce Deity Link (English only so far)
  • Zora Cape and the Zora Shop now have their proper title bars
  • Translation corrections for the Deku Butler, Lulu's Diary, and the Great Bay Temple Turtle
  • Cleaned out trailing spaces at the end of lines (French text had them on basically every dialog box - GC only for now verified good now)
  • Fixed a bug with catching magic mushrooms in bottles, the wrong model was displayed and the bottle would be put away instantly
Issues planned to be addressed:
  • 3rd Quick Spin attack combo cannot trigger in OoT due to a coding glitch (the animation exceeds the expected time required to complete the combo). This was fixed in subsequent games.
  • Port the Russian translation patches from Zelda64RUS
  • Port the 3DS OoT Spanish Translation text (in progress)
  • Screen corruption switching between the Bomber's notebook and the pause screen (problem with the MM GC roms, need someone with the skills to fix)
  • Pause screen background does not have anti-aliasing applied (problem with the OoT/MM GC roms, need someone with the skills to fix)
Issues which cannot be addressed:
  • PAL region roms run at 60 Hz and will not display properly using PAL 50 Hz
  • The code to display the Language Select screen under Options was removed in the GC roms ozidual has made a patch for all PAL OoT/MM roms

Should also restore the Scarecrow's song as a result.

* Unfortunately I cannot speak or read German, French, or Spanish so the text for these languages was pulled directly from the latest PAL region N64 rom for their respective games to correct any text differences referencing the C-buttons. Ocarina of Time does not have an official Spanish N64 translation.

** The Gamecube release of Majora's Mask is based on the International version, which included many more features. Similar to the PAL region text, I am not familiar enough with Japanese to make corrections as needed for the new text that was added in relation to the new features. The Japanese text only includes the L -> Z icon character changes.

  • Airikita - text speed, ram findings
  • ChriisTiian - Beta Castle Courtyard gpu fix offsets, Zora's Fountain unused scene fix, unused Kokiri Forest cutscene time offsets
  • CloudMax - rom documentation, display list documentation, texture offsets, ovl_kaleido_scope documentation
  • fkualol - original Fire Temple music patch, MM 4th heart piece sound & credits fix, Game Saved asm, Cow asm, MQ door fix, Goht cutscene fix, Stock Pot Inn roof Bomber Kid location, 1st cycle Observatory>Termina Field transition fix, Goron Link camera
  • GlitterBerri - Misc translation corrections (MM for now, will be adding OoT)
  • Junninx - Brazilian Portuguese translation assistance
  • mzxrules - ram assistance
  • ozidual - shop selection cursor, Ganondorf's blood, save screen glow, modified Spirit Temple, Training Grounds, Fortress textures, n64 logo restoration, restored Language selection, OoT expanded Name entry, no controller text restoration, MM U 1.0 sound processing fix, magic mushroom bottle fix, fixing my dumb mistakes in general 8)
  • Three Pendants - chest documentation/asm
  • Zoinkity - rom compressor, MM "Z" pause menu replacement documentation
  • Aroenai/arablizzard2413 - all other Gerudo textures, manual MM/OOT text editing, additional BR-PT translated textures for OoT, compression safe Fire Temple music patch, all other color offsets, porting all other fixes from OoT Debug/MM U 1.0, MM language select gameshark code, Deku Palace bean seller route restoration, Troupe Leader's Mask texture, reworked Room 120 header, misc MM text restorations/additions, finding the bottle catch item table in MM

Change log:
  • 6/24/16 - Formatting, updating information.
  • 6/24/16 - Missed the credits section text
  • 7/1/16 - Added restored N64 boot logo to the OoT patches
  • 7/2/16 - Added Japanese OoT Zelda Collector's Edition patch
  • 7/3/16 - Added n64 boot logo for MM patches
  • 7/10/16 - Whoops, somehow forgot to update the crc in the headers for MM; removed free space left over in English text from GC changes
  • 7/23/16 - Fix bug with Stalfos fights, added a missing Gerudo symbol in the Spirit Temple, added language selection screen for PAL MQ
  • 7/24/16 - Fix to save Language settings on reset for PAL MQ
  • 7/26/16 - Patch updated for PAL GC with Language selection
  • 8/2/16 - Update OoT Debug rom with Language selection
  • 8/7/16 - Update OoT PAL rom patches, corrected overlapping texture offsets for the Options menu, Language selection text now changes based on selection.
  • 8/8/16 - Fix pointers related to the above change, thanks ozidual!
  • 8/11/16 - Add ozidual's patch for MM PAL's Language select menu, and description cleanup
  • 8/13/16 - Add ozidual's patch for MM PAL's initial Language select menu
  • 8/18/16 - Add wip Brazilian Portuguese translation patch for Master Quest (based on Fserve's v1.7 patch)
  • 8/23/16 - Add Goht cutscene fix for MM roms
  • 8/28/16 - Updated MM patches, added Goron Link camera patch, Stock Pot Inn roof Bomber location, 1st cycle Observatory>Termina Field door transition, and optional no AA patch
  • 8/29/16 - Changed update wording for clarity
  • 9/4/16 - Updated MM patches to include scream volume change; German, French, and Spanish text now includes all the corrections from the MM GC text again.
  • 9/6/16 - Updated Brazilian Portuguese MQ translation with additional translated textures for locations
  • 9/11/16 - Updated MM JP patch with a few more text corrections
  • 9/27/16 - Updated OoT patches to prevent crash if the cpu meter is enabled by Gameshark, updated USA/JP patches with opposite language changes
  • 10/1/16 - Fixed broken characters in the description (forum upgrade?)
  • 10/2/16 - Updated Brazilian Portuguese MQ patch to the latest patch - added Boss translations, updated MM patches with cpu meter crash prevention patch, added no-AA patches for OoT
  • 10/20/16 - Updated OoT patches with the changed comma character from MM, added ozidual's expanded Name entry patch for PAL roms
  • 11/20/16 - Uploaded patch for the MM Rev A rom (for PAL console players who need 50 hz)
  • 1/15/17 - Updated MM patches, fixed original typos for enemies, fixed crashes using rom on Wii VC, restore JP Deku Palace, add fix for Tingle's maps message box types, added Ozidual extended name select patch
  • 1/26/17 - Updated Debug rom - added missing Gerudo textures, added missing RAM hack, ending timing fix from Ozidual, comma character from MM, added loading delay fix patch. All OoT patches - reduced N64 boot logo timing to match MM, added expanded Name entry screen patch and ending timing fix from Ozidual for PAL roms.
  • 1/30/17 - Fix FIN button for OoT Europe patches
  • 2/7/17 - Update English MM patches with the corrected Circus Leader's Mask -> Troupe Leader's Mask translation from MM 3DS
  • 2/22/17 - Added a few OoT Debug rom specific fixes
  • 3/10/17 - Added comment about the no anti-aliasing patch
  • 4/1/17 - Evidently MediaFire hasn't been overwriting the uncompressed Debug rom patch - fixed, Nintendo text on the boot logo didn't "shimmer" like it was supposed to - fixed, no controller text was disabled - fixed, added the cow nose ring restoration to the OoT v1.2 patch, MM USA patch has a few text restorations from JP 1.x, added Zora Cape text on MM USA
  • 4/7/17 - Added patch to disable region protection on the MM PAL Rev A patch
  • 5/8/17 - Updated MM patches with Zora Cape & Zora Shop text, expanded name screen has the BT-PR characters & had a spacing but fixed, added translation corrections for English and removed trailing spaces from the script
  • 5/18/17 - Removing a space that shouldn't have been added to the MM game script, because I'm stoopid.
  • 8/14/17 - Once again I'm an idiot and Ozidual was there to let me know. German and French have some game breaking text bugs fixed. Added a fix for the magical mushrooms, and a patch for MM U 1.0 now that the sound bug is fixed!
  • 4/9/18 - Updated the MM GC patches, caps lock sound on PAL has been changed to match the JP character set change sound, fully functional changing instruments added (using the original JP icons, and a modified icon for the Deku Pipes), missing waterfall sounds added to the swamp and cave outside the secret shrine, potion shop door placement corrected, Zoinkity's VRS support patch added, Epona save glitch fixed, corrected Land Title Deed mistranslation, corrected translations for the Troupe Leader's mask for other languages, correct placement for the time counter on the File Select screen for owl statue saves, provide translated textures for the Owl Statue saves on JP and correct placement to account for different font size, added location titles for the Deku Scrub Playground and Barn, lots of behind the scenes cleanup now that I have a better understanding of some tables. Added a secret to be found.

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