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EverDrive 64 / Missing settings in OS v2.13?
« on: November 11, 2019, 01:31 AM »
Is there a reason why there are less settings in the 2.13 options? (pictured left) For example, there's no Menu Size setting.

While on the right picture is the Jonesalmighty 2.12.3 menu which I normally use has all the settings and so does 2.12, however when I try to downgrade from 2.13 to official 2.12, it only show 3 settings like in 2.13. Using the v3 cart.

Why is this?

Off Topic / Dark/night theme for EverDrive forum?
« on: October 29, 2019, 12:40 PM »
I have a request for the forum admin:

Can we have an option for a dark theme for the EverDrive forum please?


Update: Since it's out now, refer to this thread to discuss more about the Mega EverDrive Pro.

9 June 2020 update:
Mega EverDrive PRO functions overview including built-in NES Core

From Krikzz' tweet, in case for those who don't use Twitter may miss it:

Quote from: Krikzz
After little research i managed to recreate cd-rom drive interface at my dev board. Mega-CD reads CD data streams of dev board successfully. Now i have better understanding what hardware i need for full implementation of mega-cd.

And it's for the upcoming Mega Everdrive PRO which will be released "first half of 2020, likely spring-summer" for $"199" US. Nice!

Update 1:
Update 2:
Update 3:
Update 4:

Quote from: Krikzz
(Update 5: source)

Recently i got pre-production prototypes of Mega EverDrive PRO, going to finish all works in 1-2 months.
Everything working already, just need to finish work over save states and polish this all (:

MD-PRO on the CDX

EverDrive 64 / SM64 Star Road now playable on console!
« on: August 21, 2019, 06:25 PM »
Get the updated patch | Video

Quote from: Kaze
Hey, I've been informed that the bunny crashes on console. Fixed this in a quick update patch

Expansion Pak required!

Credit to Kaze and others for the fixes! I played it for a bit and it is glorious*. Although it's a pretty tough romhack so no save states this time!

(Patch on a big endian NTSC Mario 64 rom)

*By glorious, I mean it's a miracle that it works since it's such a unoptimized buggy mess of a hack.

EverDrive 64 / Virtual Pro-Wrestling 2 Freem Edition 20210128 release
« on: January 28, 2019, 01:06 PM »
Version January 28 2021 - preview patch.

You can find the changes in the changelog and more from the Freem VPW2 Website.

VF=3 is required for the save_db.txt file in order to save your progress.

(I suppose this post only applies to Twitch streamers, but this is pretty damn cool for the SD2SNES nonetheless)

Quote from: Warp World, makers of Crowd Control
Crowd Control is software that allows you the streamer to put your chat in control of your game. We have a lot of features still being worked on and more games being added, but we are currently opening support for 3 games!

Originally it was made for emulators, but now it works with the SD2SNES using the USB port. So far, 2 games are supported: A Link To The Past and Super Mario World.

For example; in ALTTP Randomizer, viewers can give or take items and rupees, invert your controls, trigger events like cuccos attacking you, ice physics or even insta-kill Link!

Crowd Control SD2SNES Setup video

I think they're also working on a version for the Everdrive 64 v3. If they can work it out, that'll be amazing!

EverDrive 64 / N64vault: Successor to goldeneyevault
« on: October 08, 2018, 04:57 AM »
Check it out:

Since is now closed (due to SubDrag's retirement), n64vault is the new website for the ever-increasing EverDrive-friendly list of patches for GE007 and other games! :D (And best of luck to Subdrag on his future endeavours)

13 September 2018 Update: My cartridge has returned from repairs and now works again! Thank you all guys so much.♡

So I got My SD2SNES (Rev.H) back in November 2017 from the Krikzz store and it worked perfectly with v0.1.7e; reading, writing and all...but recently this month it seems to only able to read my saves but not writing them. And my 'Recent games' list is frozen, so I deleted the lastgame.cfg file and after playing a game it now just shows nothing but '?' all the way down. I also tried resetting back to the menu to save but it didn't work.

I tried running the diagnostic test but it did not save a log file. (it can't write, see? ^^) I got the Red-to-green screen as expected and when the test finished, the green LED light was quite dim? Is there any other way to check its condition?

I use a 32GB SDHC Sandisk Ultra class 10 card with the lock off and I did format the card with the SD card formatter from sdcard(dot)org. My computer read & write the card no problem.

I tried another SD card and it either works with only reading the saves or just shows "No SD Card found!". More-or-less the same.

Maybe the slot is faulty and it doesn't seem to hold the SD card down enough sometimes? Is there a way to fix the spring?

The built-in clock works ok.

Tested both on my NTSC SNES with the Sega MD1 PSU & my PAL SNES with the OEM PSU and the issue's still there.

I also tried the GSU-v10 firmware luck. (The GSU though works great, btw)

Any ideas? If the worst comes to the worst, It's likely that I'll have to send my SD2SNES back to you guys to see what the issue is and hopefully it can be fixed or replaced.

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