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Title: Famicom and NEs differences?
Post by: fableton on March 24, 2018, 07:09 PM
Is there a difference if I play a US version of a ROM in a Famicom with a Famicom N8?
I heard that Famicom has better sound quality but I don't know if is just hardware of something else in the ROM is different, I have the same question if I play a Japannese ROM into my NES with a NES N8card.
Title: Re: Famicom and NEs differences?
Post by: brianvgplayer on March 24, 2018, 11:23 PM
The difference with FC is that it is wired for extra sound and has an expansion port. Without modification, NES won't play the extra sound from a handful of games. However, the majority of games play the same on both systems. Lightgun games need to use a light gun from the expansion port when played on the Famicom, regardless of version (NES has the lightgun wired for port two, FC has it wired for the expansion port). Arkanoid and Arkanoid II FC are incompatible with the US Arkanoid controller since it's wired differently.

There are also a few FC games that use the expansion port for 3-4 player games. The 3-4 player modes for these games can't be played with a four score on a US system. US four score 3-4 player games can't be played in 3-4 players with the FC expansion port