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Next is obviously a replacement laser module for the PS1 that can read SD cards.  ;D :O

EverDrive N8 / Famicom and NEs differences?
« on: March 24, 2018, 07:09 PM »
Is there a difference if I play a US version of a ROM in a Famicom with a Famicom N8?
I heard that Famicom has better sound quality but I don't know if is just hardware of something else in the ROM is different, I have the same question if I play a Japannese ROM into my NES with a NES N8card.

EverDrive GB / Re: X7 coil whine-like sound through speakers
« on: December 21, 2017, 08:49 PM »
Hi! Just got a ED GB X7 rev.A today and it sounds like this on my GBASP (ags101 if that matters):

Is this normal behaviour? Seems to calm down a bit after playing for a little while.


My ED GB X7 haven't arrive yet but I have the same issue with the old GB Everdrive but it only happen with a GBA SP, I have tried with 3 different GBA SP-101 and it sound noisy, I was blaming my Earphones adapter but the noise is there too without them, lower but still there, I test it with an Original GBA moded with 101 screen and the noise is not there but I couldn’t check it with Earphones or tested it for a long time.

Shop and Shipping / Re: Black Friday 2017 Orders
« on: December 15, 2017, 06:24 PM »
It should atleast have a warning on the site with 'it might take months before items get shipped'.

I'd rather pay 20% more and get it shipped asap than having to wait this long before it even gets shipped.

I bought an everdrive as a christmas present for my kid but it will never be here on time.

It might not even get shipped out today as promised apparently, but can take 1-2 weeks longer.

It really would have been better to stop orders when the supply ran out imo.

IDK but maybe you can ask for refund and pay extra for a faster shipping type in another store, this store is for the creator of the everdrives, I guess their principal profit is for selling to big stores, I choose this store because I want to thank them for be one of the only persons that keep doing flash cards for old consoles, IDK where are you from but at least for my country Ukraine is not close, there are stores in Europe and USA that could deliver faster that this.

Shop and Shipping / Re: Black Friday 2017 Orders
« on: December 15, 2017, 06:43 AM »
Each year we prepare for Black Friday.
Each year we accumulate a substantial amount of the products.
However each year we have more and more customers.

Unfortunately we won't be able to ship ALL Black Friday orders by 15 Dec.
We will need about 1-2 weeks for that.

We are trying really hard to ship all orders. But customers don't stop coming!
And we are a tiny company of few persons.

We could resolve the problem.
We could just stop accept orders after we were out of stock.
But we really would like that as more as possible customers could enjoy Black Friday discount.
Longer (than usually) shipping time is bad. But not having a choice at all is even worse.

Another problem is that our stock is dynamic.
We just can't predict when we are really out of stock.
We sell the products and in parallel the products are being produced.
Exactly that's why we have such situations when some customers receive their products not in a chronological order.

Really sorry for the delay and thanks a lot for your understanding!

Thanks for all your effort I will wait for my order without problem, I even now that the travel for my country will take at least 2 months more like the last time :P

Thanks for do awesome things for gamers.

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