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JVC X'Eye and Mega Everdrive Pro


Hello everyone! I am trying to find out if the Mega Everdrive Pro will work with the NTSC JVC X'Eye. Specifically if the JVC X'Eye will be able to run Sega CD games from the Mega Everdrive Pro.

Also What about 32X compatibility? I do understand you need a 32X connected and hooked up.

I have done some searching and I am getting conflicting information about compatibility. I figured this is the best place to seek clarification.

Thank you all for your time!

I've always heard it's working great with 32X. That's all I can tell.

I am more concerned with the Sega CD iso/rom compatibility with the Mega Everdrive Pro and the JVC X'Eye to be honest.

You need to be able to unplug the Mega CD to use the Mega CD feature of the Pro. So a built-in Mega CD may be a problem.

According to Krikzz
Built-In  CD  core  registers  conflict  with  external  Mega-CD  addon  registers.  Due  this reason  CD  games  executed  from  cart  may  not  work  properly  if  external  Mega-CD  is installed.  It  is  not  recommended  to  leave  external  CD  unit  unpowered  in  attempt    to solve  this  problem,  it  only  will  make  things  worse  and  may  cause  glitches  even  in regular  Genesis  or  SMS  games.  Internal  CD  core  can  be  executed  in  pair  with  external CD  unit  only  if  “warnings”  option  is  turned  off.


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