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i have no problem when using a wired controller but i think the system isnt getting enough power when i use the BT dongle and everdrive simultaneously. the screen flickers. using front loader nes and oem power supply. i dont have a normal nes game to test with. i may try the 8bitdo receiver and see if the problem persists. ive also tried powering the dongle while its plugged into the console via usb but that only partly works. the screen does show the game but the dongle does not communicate with the controller. does anyone use a frontloader + bluetooth + everdrive setup? if so, what power supply and dongle are you using?

Yes, it works perfectly fine that way. Using original parts for PSU.

You may have a bad PSU. I would try a different outlet/plug directly to wall. I bought 2 different cadet controllers I can't get this to work at all with my front loader NES it glitches every time I have tried it using with original cartridge games.


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