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sound issues


had this weird issue where i get this humming/ high pitch sound coming from the ever drive.

1.Changed cables to old yellow red and white no change.
2.Put in a official Sega genesis cart and no sound issues at all
  -----must be ever drive problem
3. did a diagnostics
 here are the results could this be a factor of the high pitched sound all the time that wont go away.
I did it twice and it just seems to alternate.

VCC 2.5v-2.42 Error
VCC 1.2v-1.14 Error

Apparently the pics are to large to show

 they always show up ever time I do a diagnostics.

is my everdrive damaged after 2 months of use?

now apparently this is happening now
                                         VCC1.2V-0.88- ERROR

              WTF is going on?

If possible run use another console to run the diagnostics.
This way you can rule out the cartridge or the console.
Console might have some bad caps.


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