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Which shop for Poland customer ?

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I've just received information that cannot sell to Poland. I have two links to external sources but both shops have proces higher than official shop so I really don't won't to use those:

Also I was directed to and here after all I can buy to Poland. It's quite confusing  :-\
Can I from official shop to Poland?

The official Krikzz store is the best place to buy and yes they ship to Poland. They ship worldwide. The only country they didn't ship to was Germany but they have since changed that.

Edit: My mistake

Unfortunatelly can't ship to Pland at the moment. I would use or for Poland

Are there any plans to bring back Poland to the shipping destination list or is this permanent ? I remember buying stuff from RetroGate and package came without any problems.


Well, after all these years shipping to Poland is not possible.


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