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Hi there Krikzz I recently placed and order for Everdrive GBA X5 and changed my mind on the address I was wanting to send it to my friend instead so I went back and started again changed the name and address and paid For it but I got an invoice for my original order That I backed Out of and the new one is there as well  is there  a way to cancel my previous order or will it
Just go away? It’s not gonna charge we twice is it? The one I’ve paid for and sending to my friend says payment accepted which is fine but the other one that I backed out of which was going to my address with my name on still says payment being processed is there a way to cancel it? I didn’t enter my card details for that one I’ve got to reference numbers if that helps?


The order where the payment wasn't completed will be cancelled automatically after 1 week if I remember correctly.
Don't worry about it.

Thanks I hope so it worried me the fact it sends you invoice even when you haven’t paid for it :S

I am in the same situation, been waiting for a few days.


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