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See the readme.txt file for details on how to install it.  To summarize, make sure you have a clean, working copy of 1.8.0 and then copy the files from the zip's "sd2snes" directory into your SD card's "sd2snes" directory.  Then restart your snes/sd2snes and check you are running the correct version.

It's still very much a work in progress.  Expect bugs including graphic glitches, crashes, slowdowns, etc.  I don't own a lot of snes or sd2snes variants so my testing is limited.

You're welcome to post bugs to here or the github page, but I need a break from working on it and won't be fixing anything for the next few days.

Thank you sir!!!

You are amazing!


 8) thank you

awesome work dude :)
thank you again doing other special chip feature :)


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