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Themes creation tool:

Here is pretty cool themes pack from Arcade-tv:

If you have some own themes please share them in this topic (;

Here are some tips to get you started:

Create your 320x224 16-color image with the positions for infobars and filelist in mind.
if you work with PhotoShop you may want to turn on your grid and set it to 8x8 pixels, that's the size of one tile.

Here's a krikzz/MegaEDpro-logo theme.

I just downloaded your pack! They are absolutely fantastic! I didn't realize some of them had animation. I feel like my EDPRO just got a new life. It massively improves the presentation of the menus. The custom fonts, colors, everything is amazing. Love, love, love these. Really well done! Please keep them coming! Let us know how to support you!

Thank you. I think I'll retire from making themes since there was very little feedback. Also I ran out of ideas for new themes. If one day new features are available I might revisit the topic.


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