Author Topic: Do the EverDrives enable PAL consoles to play NTSC games as if they were run on  (Read 1829 times)

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If I have an NTSC-capable CRT TV, a PAL NES, a PAL SNES or a PAL N64, and I put some NTSC ROMs on their EverDrives/FKPAK PRO, will I be able to run those NTSC games *just as they would run on NTSC consoles*?

Note that I'm not asking if they will run at all. I'm pretty sure that they will due to the EverDrives removing "region lock-in" stuff. But I'm wondering if they will run at the correct speed, both music-wise and logic-wise, just as if I had used an NTSC console instead of a PAL one?

Or are the PAL and NTSC versions of each platform simply too different on a hardware level, so that software/EverDrives can never "workaround" this without the music and/or logic playing at the wrong speed? (And perhaps even other issues.)

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Even when their was a 50hz and 60hz mode on my SD2SNES it didn't do anything to the actual game, no change in the speed nor the frame size... I presume the N8 will have this issue too.
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In most cases, no. I know for NES, assuming the game handles the different speed correctly (you're not guaranteed a 60 Hz game will run fine on a 50 Hz system, or vice versa), it will run slower on a PAL system. I don't actually know how this shakes out on SNES, but I wouldn't be surprised if the same behavior was there.

But yeah, there's no real way for the EverDrive to work around the issues - the clock speeds are determined by the crystal in each console.
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Ignoring region-free systems such as the Gameboys, Nintendo DS and most other handheld systems, I can't think of a single console that can be made to work perfectly with any region. Neo Geo is possibly the only exception, as I think the region is determined by the BIOS only which is easily swapped in most cases. But I'm not sure if there are some crystals on PAL that are missing on NTSC and vice versa.

The NES is especially bad as it uses different CPU and PPU chips with many changes that can get in the way of cross-region compatibility, besides the different crystals.
The SNES and Mega Drive are probably a bit better but not by that much. Games play differently on the wrong region, and some games are unplayable or have very bad glitching.
Nintendo 64 is much better as speed is almost the same on NTSC and PAL, but it's still not perfect.

As you said, PAL and NTSC versions of each platform are simply too different on a hardware level, so there is no possible workaround except for building a dual region variant of the system.