Author Topic: Upgraded Mega Everdrive X7 to Mega Everdrive Pro - Assistance to transfer SAVES  (Read 351 times)

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Hi everyone, I just upgraded to a PRO from an X7.

I took the same SD card I was using on the X7, replaced the OS files with the PROs OS and then put the SRM file in the designated folder.

When I boot Shining Force on the PRO, I don’t see my save file that I was working on with the X7. When I put the SD card back on the X7, I see my save file.

Why is the save file not populating on the PRO? Does the save file live in the cart itself?

I troubleshooted this for a bit but I’m stumped at this point. Any insight would be appreciated.


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Yes it lives inside the cart itself as the game don't know how to access the SD card. Generally Everdrives doesn't copy the save file to the SD card until you load a different game.