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I've just bought an Mega Everdrive Pro and no problem with every game i've tried until now (Demons of Asteborg is ok for me, only a issue with the sound after a savestate, it only play the bgm track once and not on loop).
I use it with a LCD modded Sega Nomad, Mega CD sound OK, Sega Master System / MK3 /NES are working fine.

Here is some features that will be very awesome if a new firmware is on the work :

- savestate/menu combo on nes game.
- possibility to have a "SMS menu combo" with another button that the one used in game (if impossible, maybe hold a combo for 2 seconds, when playing rtype or any shooter, B+C+dpad can be intentional).
- bgm loop issue with a savestate on some games (Demons of Asteborg by example).
- I don't know if it's me, but the sound seems to play something like .5 second after start.

yes, i play with save state...


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