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Nomad Sega CD - RetroRebels2020 Mono Sega CD audio - Fixed


Nomad Sega CD Black Screens after firmware 4.08 using simple sound mod
Must use USB repair and go back to 4.08 to get Sega CD working again.
Would be cool to know if this sound mod is dead or not.
None of this is true.

This post is more clearly about the Nomad Sega CD - RetroRebels2020 Mono audio using simple sound mod
If you're getting mono SegaCD audio when using this chip then the following mod will fix it.

Fixed the audio chip install!
-Stereo on all channels.
-And Firmware 4.12! Not true.

Lift pins additional pins 9 and 25 on the Nomad 315-5684 chip.
Move audio lines 10 and 24 to the newly lifted pins 9 and 25

New install.
Lift 9, 10, 24 and 25 on 315-5684
Connect audio add-on chip pads 10 and 24 to pins 9 and 25 of the Nomad 315-5684 chip.


--- Quote from: erexx on October 07, 2021, 12:08 AM ---Krikzz,

Firmware 4.13 fixed Black Screen when using this "2020 RetroRebels SegaCD" chip as a mono-sound SegaCD hack.
In other words No need to lift pins to keep using it in mono sound and Firmware 4.13
Firmware 4.13 has also moved a Nomad with broken Left Stereo channel beyond Firmware 4.08

!!!Thank you!!!

--- End quote ---

Thank you for the update man!

I've experienced this issue as well on my Nomad, so now no need to lift pins anymore under 4.13 and can just proceed normally with the usual mod?  The latest update "Fixed PCM buffer size for CD+cart configuration" fixed it as well?

Thank you

Firmware update4.13 does not fix stereo sound.
In fact it did not move that Nomad beyond 4.08. Its still stuck on the firmware with an unknown problem.

If you've got mono sound with the current installation you'll still need to lift pins and move the wires to 9 and 25.


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