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Master Everdrive X7 crashing


My PAL Master System 2 sometimes crashes when bringing up the Master Everdrive X7's in-game menu - see attached screenshot. I'm running Master Everdrive X7 OS 1.04, my ROMs are stored on a Sandisk Ultra 16GB microSDHC card and the issue occurs whether I have FM (via Tim Worthington's mod) or PSG sound enabled. It seemed especially frequent when playing Alex Kidd: The Lost Stars yesterday.

Has anyone else experienced this and what could be causing it to happen?

Just to follow up on this in case anybody's experiencing the same problem, I used another Master System 2 with a 1.5A voltage regulator instead of a 1A one which should be enough to handle the spikes in current draw when booting an Everdrive or loading a game off it. This seems to have gotten rid of the issue and it hasn't reoccurred since.

Did you use the same PSU or another? Just curious.


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