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EDN8 pro certain Suported games boot to black screen


Hey im hoping some one can help me out here.  i got a everdrive n8 pro for my nes a few weeks ago from the horses mouth .  i tested it out over all it works great but theres a few select games that either are glitchy  or boot to a black screen.  like for example mega man = black screen or rad racer 2 = glitchy.  both of these are supported so they should work.

i looked around for a solution   some people suggested reformatting the sd card  and or  putting the file on a certain way.  im not new to flash carts  so i know about the reformatting is required to fix certain bugs in some cases.

ive tried
reformatting with windows  built in formatter and sd card formatter software to exfat and fat32 (32k)
i tried different versions of the ED OS
i tried pc linux windows 7 and 10
ive tried different sd cards
i check the flash cart with the built in diagnostics and everything came out ok.
i tried getting a clean rom of mega man 1   (which are verified working in several emulators)
i even tried a hack of mega man 1  still nothing.

im out of ideas  so if any one know something i haven't tried please let me know asap.

here are the other topics ive tried solution from

1. you might have bad roms

2. do you have modded nes / famicom or clone ?

my nes is stock newly recapped with japanese caps actually.
and the bad rom got me thinking.  every site that distributes roms  problaby all have the same rom dump.  so i pulled out my copy of mega man  and my copy nes rom dumper.  dumped my game and put both rom in a hex editor for comparison.  some dumb arse (who ever ripped the game originally) put their name (Diskman) right at the header of the file  other than that the file  was identical.  so i tried my rom i just dumped and that worked perfectly.  i guess emulator ignore rom headers.

go figure...  thanks!  problem solved.

Use the No-Intro ROM Set.

I heard someone complaining online about Transformers - The Headmasters (FDS). It is really weird. If you press A right on the title screen, before auto swap happen, you will be going into the name registration screen successfully. Then the rest will work. If you wait until the auto swap happen, it will give you error, and you have to reset the console.


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