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SD card computer issue

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Hello dudes

I'm a new guy and this is my first topic here.
Since I'm from Argentina, my english could be a little bad.

I have this problem with a SD card:
When I use the card with my everdrive everything goes well, but when I want to use it in my computer, windows tell me that I need to format it.
I try with linux and I have the same issue.

I know this can be solve just formating the card but I have all my everdrives roms on it, snes, nes, genesis and master systems packs, translates, hacks and the most important: all the srm files.

What can I do?
Keep using it only with the cartridges or close the eyes and formating?


That's strange, is there any way to test it on another computer?
I often get a message from Windows that the SD card for some of my Everdrives has problems, but it still works and I can access it both on the console and on the computer.

It's a problem that you can't access your save files.

I tested on the laptop and the result is the same, the only diference is that on PC, windows and linux ask me for formating but on the laptop do not recognize the SD at all.

I put the SD on the everdrive and works fine.

I know where this going and I will lose all my saves and custom roms.

Why god, why?  >:(

The file table has been corrupted, somehow. Have you tried to run a chkdsk on the PC that recognises the card? You might need to try some recovery software if that fails.

The main lesson here though is... always have a backup.

The pc that recognize the card ask me for formating, when I run chkdsk I get: filesystem is raw chkdsk is not available for this fliesystem.

If the pc ask for formating I think you can't run a recovery software, right?


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