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Hi all,

I wondered if any of you very knowledgeable folks could shed any light on a problem I'm having with Super Mario Kart rom hacks.

I have a Super Nt (official firmware v5.0) and I'm using it in conjunction with a FXPAK Pro (firmware v1.11.0b1).

I cannot for the life of me get any Super Mario Kart hacks to work. I'm using Cylum's rom set and all other hacks work absolutely fine. All hacks I've tried of Mario World, Metroid, Zelda, Earthbound, Starfox etc... work fine, no issues at all, but the Mario Kart hacks never get passed the Nintendo logo screen.

I have tried using the hacks from GoodSNES sets, and other reliable sources I've found online, but still no luck. I have even patched the game myself, both using a headered and un-headered rom from various reliable no-intro sets (old and new), but still I can't get the damn hacks to work.

The Mario Kart hacks all work in RetroPie on my Pi4 using lr-snes9x. I get the feeling it must be something very obvious I'm missing, or it's something simple to do with either the Super Nt or FXPAK Pro, but I'm just going round in circles without any luck!

Any info or help from any of you would be very gratefully appreciated, and many thanks in advance for any advice.



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Many thanks for the reply and link.

I was missing the dsp1b.bin file which was causing the problem.  All sorted now and working fine.

Once again, many thanks for your help.

You're welcome ^^


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