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HELP NEEDED: Everdrive X5 Mini Does Not Consistently Work in SP slot, but works


I recently received my Everdrive GBA X5 Mini and - while it works fine in my DS but takes several tries of inserting/re-inserting before it will register in my GBA SP (AGS-001 model). I'm concerned this is damaging the cart and my system and it isn't a very practical long term. I recently posted this on reddit and they suggested I come here as you all are so knowledgable!

The only thread I could find online mentions the SD card could be the issue. I will be trying a new SD card today, but would expect if that was the culprit the cart wouldn't work elsewhere. I'm wondering if it has something to do with the contacts of the SP, or the cart itself?

Does anyone have other suggestions on what I could try? I will be doing an IPS screen/shell mod on the system once the kit arrives and figured it may be a good time to do any other maintenance if something could resolve the issue.

Edit: I took a closer look at the pins (shown in image) and am beginning to wonder if this is the issue?

James Cree:
Sounds like dirty contacts to me.
Try giving the cart connectors and the connectors in the console a clean with isopropyl.

Thanks, James. I'll give that a shot. Would you use a Qtip with the Iso to clean? Do I need to take the console apart to acces everything?


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