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Graphics Glitch with Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse

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Great Hierophant:
System is an AV Famicom, OS is v16, ROM is No Intro.  I have observed no issues playing Castlevania III until today.  I was playing the Sunken City level and had just beaten the Bone Dragon boss for the first time when I saw random tiles display where I should have seen water tiles, indicating that the level is flooding.  The glitchy tiles continue to appear until I finish the stage.  On the PowerPak I see proper water.  I took a pair of photos with my camera of the incorrect (EverDrive) and correct (PowerPak) screens :

I am not sure if the MMC5 mapper has been touched since partial support was been added in OSv9.  If this is a deficiency in the EverDrive's implementation, I would suggest that the reason can be found here :

Akumajou Densetsu does not suffer from this issue, it uses a different mapper, VRC6.  I was able to beat that stage on the EverDrive without any glitches.

Could you please show few photos of your EverDrive's PCB?

Great Hierophant:

--- Quote from: EverDriver on July 17, 2017, 02:57 AM ---Could you please show few photos of your EverDrive's PCB?

--- End quote ---

Of course, mine is a legitimate Krikzz product, purchased from Retrogate in December, 2014 :

FIXED ON OS v20 beta1.

I can confirm that this glitch happens to me as well.

Never noticed this before because I never took the clock tower path.

Use this password to go directly to Sunken City stage. You'll have to fight a boss at the end to get to the glitch point.

I don't get that glitch. I'm playing the translated Japanese version.

Console: AV Famicom
EDN8: OS ver 13, Adate 20.11.2015


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