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Latest version is here:

A few weeks back I decided to learn about the superfx chip and this is the result.  It's still quite buggy, but I figured it's far enough along to show a video (ignore the bad gameplay).  The various caches haven't been fully implemented which causes moderate slowdown.  There are also several graphical glitches that need to be worked out as well as getting the other gsu games working.  The fpga is quite full and hopefully it all fits.

It's not ready for people to test, yet.  Once it gets to that point I will post a set of files.  Thanks to those who have offered to help.

The development platform uses usb2snes to read out gsu state, step instructions, set breakpoints, collect an instruction trace, and other useful stuff.  It's been extremely useful in finding many bugs.

Source is here, but I haven't checked in the firmware changes necessary to run the fpga file correctly.

One area that would help a lot is some self-checking assembly tests.  krom has a suite here that all pass, but it would be great to have more tests.  After the caches are implemented I plan on writing some myself.

Huge thanks to all the bsnes and bsnes-plus developers, the nocash fullsnes docs, krom and his gsu tests which found several bugs early on in development, and ikari for making the sd2snes.

Great work.  ;)

Wow.  8)
How did you pull that off in such a short time? I think I'm too dumb for this  :-[ ;D

 :o OMG

Thank you!


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