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What should I buy?

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Sorry but I can't think right now and am having a hard time right now finding answers on the main page, the forum and the rest of the internet.

Can someone just quickly confirm which SFC/SNES Everdrive is best/Which one should I buy?

Is it simply the SD2SNES PRO ?

Thank you.

Go for SD2SNES PRO; it has the most chip enhancement compatibility, can load 128MBit ROMs and (yet-to-be-announced) save state support.

Super Everdrive is cheaper as long as you don't play any game that uses an enhancement chip and the max ROM size only goes up to 7.5MBytes unless you only want to use it for A Link To The Past Randomizer/Super Metroid tournaments which will do the job perfectly.

Agreed, the SD2SNES Pro is the way to go.

The latest firmware can always be found here:

Yeah the SD2SNES Pro is the best one overall (as it plays the most games) and its best in a future proofing sense as it may get more features (Game Boy support perhaps?) and games or at least "a game" that being "Far East of Eden" playable on it over time.

However if you just want to play the main/core Nintendo game library of Mario, Zelda, Mario Kart, etc krikzz Super Everdrive may be just fine for you.

Ok, ok with Super Everdrive there's a Kirby game you can't play nor can you play Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island but just saying if all you really care about is Super Mario World, Zelda: Link To the Past, Super Metroid, Mario Kart, Street Fighter II and a reasonable amount of popular RPG's the lower priced krikzz Super Everdrive again may be just fine for you.  :P

Hi  :)

So almost two years after creating this thread I finally ordered the FXPAK PRO. I have two questions.

1. Could someone please kindly confirm that the FXPAK PRO is the latest version of the previously called SNES2SD?

2. Is a mini SD card included? I suppose not. Can you tell me which one I should get for it on ?

Thanks :)


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