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Joyzz PCB in Original shell ?

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Hey all,
I was wondering if anyone tried to fit the joyzz PCB in an original 6button MD pad shell ?
Either in the original from way back then (SJ-6000) or in the JPN MD Mini controller ?
I would like maximum authenticity, if possible, using Sega's original rubbers, buttons etc..
Please lmk!

It will fit with modification of back cover

Would you care for more precisions ?
A picture would be ideal if you've actually tried it ^^
Also do you still not plan to sell the Joyzz PCB alone / as DIY ?
Thanks for these infos.

At the moment i have plans to sell as DIY only 3 button version.

Thank you very much for the clear picture, it'll help a lot.
And a Joyzz DIY PCB w/ 3 buttons sounds really interesting !
Of course 6 button DIY would be ideal but 3 is a great start, I'm eager to see this.


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