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So I lost my save on a Super Metroid randomizer this weekend. I was a little pissed, but figured I did something stupid, and finished up the seed (backing up the save in another slot periodically just in case). Well, it just happened again at lunch today with a new seed; I lost a good 40 minutes of gameplay, and when I did another long reset, I had the green and red LEDs flashing as in the YouTube video below. I'm back at work, so I can't check anything else, but if anyone has any suggestions, I will follow up when I go home.

FYI, I always long reset before turning off the console, and until Saturday that kept me from losing saves :(

Any ideas?

Edit: This is firmware 1.8.0. Also, I copy a batch of 10 randomizer seeds onto the card at a time, and the first time this occurred was the first seed of the current batch, so I certainly can't rule out contact issues with the SD card, which I just took out and put back in on Saturday.

Edit: Oh, here's something. I was playing the same seed again, and it inexplicably went back to the SD2SNES menu in the middle of gameplay after about 40 minutes of playing with no issues (in-game hooks are off, and my key setup for Super Nt is Start+Select+up for reset in order to deliberately make it a little hard to press by accident). And the save was gone again when I started it back up. I'm about to switch to 0.1.7e with the latest redguy firmware to see if I still get the same issue. I'll play through about four or five seeds before I am ready to blame the firmware. But why would it spontaneously go back to the menu, especially with in-game hooks off?

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