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I would hire$ anyone who can make it work with my menu file. btw: SD2SNES version v1.10.3
Anybody up for this? Here's my file:


If not this is a plan B:

Physically triggering a relay switch... if only I could have a difference in voltage between game mode and menu mode.

Oh! Because the super game boy feature. Reeeeaally important. And the is fresh so... but who knows.

I would hire$ anyone who can make it work with my menu file. btw: SD2SNES version v1.10.3
Anybody up for this? Here's my file:

Big thanks! Yes I will track him down because it's way above my head.

EDIT: Well... he is not available for messages on twitter... Does anyone already have a contact with him?

Wow ok that sounds cool! I will first make sure that my all my configurations settings good. Then I will attempt to make an edited version.

That "filesel.a65" file you mentioned... is it that I need to extract the bin file to get this? I just tried to open the bin file with XVI and all I see is this:

Thanks! You guys have indications on how to modify the menu file? Any code hints?

Since I dot know how to disable the X button in the menu mode to prevent kids froms changing the configuration settings... and also btw, I converted my SNES to JAMMA to put in my Super System arcade machine and each controller button has its own wire now...

I would like to use a signal on the SD2SNES to trigger a relay switch that would disconnect the X button for as long as that voltage stays either high or low. And reconnects the X, turn on the relay switch, when the game loads.. I wonder if there is a chip or point somewhere on the pcb that has a different voltage depending if it's on the menu screen and becomes different when a game is loaded. The LED flickers and are not really different between menu and game, other than blinking randomly witch is useless, unless I go arduino but i want to avoid that..

When the game is loaded, is there any new level of voltage somewhere?

Good job guys! Do we have a 'definitive' guide for how to make videos? I'm confused... Thanks!  :)

FXPAK (SD2SNES) / Super System (arcade) roms on the SD2SNES?
« on: April 15, 2021, 03:33 AM »
Is there a way to play the MAME roms of the Nintendo Super System (NSS) on the SD2SNES? ...on the SNES? Some have variations, like SMW has a world selection menu, a similar thing with F-Zero. And if it helps, act-rais.ic2 .ic3 .ic8 and security.prm files are in a NSS rom.

The SD2SNES works on the Super System through DogP's SNES to NSS adapter to play the SNES roms, but had no luck with it playing NSS roms.

General info on the Super System:

I don't want the kids to change the configuration options while browsing the games. Is there a way to do that? So you press X and nothing happens... and, having access to those options from a button combination, or code...


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