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Cheats not working on Everdrive w/ OS v4


I have been reading through many of these forums and find others that have the same issue, and some that profess they've solved the issue but have not posted how they did so. I have followed the directions people have posted of selecting "load only", then backing out, then using the "select" button to access the cheats. Then I enter the cheat, click "apply", and then "start"to begin the game. However, the cheats continue not to work despite trying different ROMs and various cheat codes. Hs anyone found an answer to this that is willing to share?

You are probably better off just using Game Genie Guy and manually patching the roms with sites such as Gamehacking to get around this problem, its more reliable to get cheats to work on everdrives than using the preloaded trainers they are meant to have.


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